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EFP Press pages

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New EFP president Anton Sculean focuses on gum health

Released: 11-April-2018


EuroPerio9 is the world's largest meeting devoted to periodontology and implant dentistry taking place from 20 to 23 June 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

EuroPerio9 Press Releases

EP9 Media Alert 1

Over 1740 abstracts have been submitted to EuroPerio9, the world’s largest meeting devoted to periodontology and implant dentistry, representing a 10% increase from EuroPerio8 in 2015. This alert invites press to register for this website.
Released: 11-December-2017

EuroPerio9 Media Alert 2

A record-breaking 1753 abstracts were submitted to this year’s event (up 9% from EuroPerio8). The EFP announced that over 1700 studies were chosen for presentation at the meeting including 96 Oral Presentations and 232 Poster Discussions while the remaining abstracts will be presented as e-posters. The full programme will be online end of March 2018. In addition, the scientific programme includes more than 100 presentations by invited speakers among the best and most famous periodontal specialists in the world.
Released: 06-March-2018

Perio and Caries Initiative

The EFP has launched the 'Perio & Caries’ initiative calling for action to reduce the burden of tooth decay and gum disease. The campaign builds on the outcomes of Perio Workshop 2016 on “The boundaries between dental caries and periodontal disease”, organised jointly with ORCA (European Organisation for Caries Research) in November 2016, funded by an unrestricted grant from Colgate.

Press Announcement

Released: 11-January-2018

EFP Perio and Caries campaign

The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) has launched the Perio & Caries campaign, an ambitious European-wide initiative to help tackle gum disease and caries, the two most frequent health conditions in the world. Please find a press release with further information here.
Released: 11-January-2018

Perio & Caries images

Released: 11-January-2018

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EFP 'Brand Book'

Released: 01-October-2010

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EFP logo in various formats
Released: 16-December-2017

Europerio 9

20-23 June 2018


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