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European Federation of Periodontology
Federation of
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Journal of Clinical Periodontology

The Journal of Clinical Periodontology
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JCP Digest

A regular précis of research from the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

European Journal of Dental Education

First European Workshop in Peridontal Education
Click on the link for more information and a link to these important papers.

EFF Newsletter Quarterly EFP News round-up (2014-) and Newsletters (2003-2013)
EFP News Update
Our front page news stories with a date index and 'page per story' format. Also includes our earlier 'NewsFlash' stories.

EFP History

A Chronological History
of the
European Federation of Periodontology


Seeking a Speciality in Periodontonology

EFP Guidelines for Seeking the Specialty in Periodontology

Prof. Mariano Sanz
17 May 2010


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