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Journal of Clinical Periodontology

The Journal of Clinical Periodontology
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Standards for reporting chronic periodontitis prevalence and severity in epidemiologic studies

Proposed standards from the Joint EU/USA Periodontal Epidemiology Working Group
Authors: Birte Holtfreter, Jasim M. Albandar, Thomas Dietrich, Bruce A. Dye, Kenneth A. Eaton, Paul I. Eke, Panos N. Papapanou, Thomas Kocher

Until now, variations in protocols and definitions of periodontal disease across the world have hindered the efficient international exchange of scientific literature.

A group of experts - the Joint EU/USA Periodontal Epidemiology Working Group - is now proposing a solution to this problem: a set of guidelines which will allow periodontal scientists to compare the prevalence of periodontal disease across different studies, population groups, and countries. These guidelines, once accepted by the international periodontal community, will help deliver consistent reporting of future epidemiological studies concerning periodontitis.

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European Journal of Dental Education

Perio Focus Green Paper for Stakeholder Consultation
Impact of the Global Burden of Periodontal Disease
on Oral Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition of Mankind

A Global Call for Action in the Context of the Milan World Exhibition 2015:
Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life !!

Maurizio Tonetti, Søren Jepsen, Lijan Jin & Joan Otomo-Corgel

European Journal of Dental Education

First European Workshop in Peridontal Education
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EFP History

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European Federation of Periodontology


Seeking a Speciality in Periodontonology

EFP Guidelines for Seeking the Specialty in Periodontology

Prof. Mariano Sanz
17 May 2010


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