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  • Cianna O'Brien

    Email: perioproswales@gmail.com

    University: Trinity College, Dublin

    Qualifications/occupation: D.CH.DENT (Periodontology)

  • Ismail Essam Ismail Zaatar

    Email: zaatar.ismail@gmail.com

    University: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

    Qualifications/occupation: Periodontist

  • Sand Ming Lee

    Email: sandming@gmail.com

    University: University of Hong Kong

    Qualifications/occupation: MDS (PERIODONTOLOGY)

  • Rebecca Loo-Kirana

    Email: rebeccakirana@gmail.com

    University: Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA)

    Qualifications/occupation: Periodontist MSc

  • Camilo Torres

    Email: camilotorres@uic.es

    University: University of Catalunya

    Qualifications/occupation: Postgraduate Program in Periodontology

  • Hani Fadel

    Email: drhfadel@hotmail.com

    University: University of Gothenburg

    Qualifications/occupation: PhD

  • Ahmed Almohandes

    Address: UQU hospital 2373

    Email: aamohandes@uqu.edu.sa

    University: Gothenburg University

    Qualifications/occupation: DDS, Specialist in Periodontology, Odont Dr. (PhD)

  • María del Pilar Milagrosa Rodriguez

    Address: Calle Santa María Magdalena, 20 4ºA

    Email: mprodrilo@gmail.com

    University: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

    Qualifications/occupation: Magister en Periodoncia y Osteointegración

  • Lena Ben Kiran

    Email: lena.benkiran.parodontie@gmail.com

    University: UIC Barcelona

    Qualifications/occupation: Master’s Degree in Periodontology

  • Dr

    Dr Sina Esfandiari

    Email: esfandiarisina96@gmail.com

    University: University of Liège

    Qualifications/occupation: Speciality program in periodontology and implant surgery

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