The idea of documenting the History of the European Federation of Periodontology came from a desire to share the background of our Federation with our new members, while simultaneously recognizing the incredible work and personal dedication contributed by the founding and leading members over the years. I believe that every member of the EFP will be interested to learn about how it all started, what happened year after year and what instigated many of the fine developments of our relatively young, but rapidly growing Federation.

The EFP has grown and flourished because of exemplary co-operation between independent autonomous societies and a deep conviction throughout its membership that the Federation, which has already contributed so much to periodontology in Europe and beyond, will continue to fulfill its significant role in the field of Periodontology.

My enthusiasm to document this history was kindled through meetings with the founding members who quite rightly can be considered as living legends. Their contribution to this effort has been immense and they have never hesitated to provide me with the necessary information which I could not have found merely by reading through the official protocol documents. I thank them all for their support, and infinite patience with my never-ending questions and requests for even more details.

My grateful thanks go in particular to my esteemed colleagues (in alphabetical order): Pierre Baehni, Jean Louis Giovannoli, David Hillam, and Ubele van der Velden who have all contributed their personal recollections, as well as valuable documentation, to substantiate all the facts contained herein. Before closing, I'd like to say that the more I researched this history, the more interested and aware I became of our Federation's significant achievements in the comparatively short period of only fifteen years. I can honestly say that this was one of the most enjoyable research projects I have ever attempted and I sincerely hope that you will all enjoy reading about our Federation in the following pages.

Joanna Kamma

It all started with a discussion over dinner between Ubele van der Velden and Jean Louis Giovannoli in 1985, when they explored the possibilities of working to create a co-operative and united body of European Societies of Periodontology. Powerful incentives for this new liaison included the rapid developments within the European Community; Spain and Portugal had joined the European Community in 1986 and closer integration of European economic, social and labor policies were being debated, which foreshadowed the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, and lead to the European Union in 1993. The opportunities and threats associated with the free exchange of labor, including that of the Medical and Dental professions with their varying undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes in the different countries, had already been perceived.

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