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European Parliament
Jepsen leads EFP delegation to European Parliament to convey message that ‘gum health matters’

A top-level EFP delegation, led by president Sören Jepsen, visited the European Parliament in Brussels on June 17 for a packed agenda of meetings and networking in which they highlighted the importance of gum health to improving the health and wellbeing of European citizens, as well as public health in the European Union.

Along with Jepsen, the delegation comprised president-elect Juan Blanco, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology Maurizio Tonetti, immediate past president Phoebus Madianos, and strategic officer Nairn Wilson.

The EFP delegation met several MEPs, former MEPs, and policy advisors from four different political groups and eight nationalities, together with senior European Parliament officers, parliamentary assistants, networkers and journalists. Among other initiatives, the EFP delegation hosted a working lunch at the European Parliament’s 'MEPs Restaurant', where discussion focused on the relevance of gum health to public health and the value of periodontal prevention in improving both quality of life of European citizens and the cost-effectiveness of European public health and welfare systems.

The EFP officers emphasised how prevention and treatment of periodontal disease may help prevent, control, or detect diabetes and other systemic conditions at an early stage. They made the case for the relevance of gum health to oral health, general health and public health, and also presented the EFP Manifesto 'Perio and General Health' to the MEPs and policy advisors. You are invited to sign the Manifesto by clicking here.

This EFP visit to the European Parliament, organised under the supervision of EFP external affairs committee chairman Edwin Winkel, was the first of its kind and paves the way for a fruitful partnership with European policymakers and officers, laying the foundations for building a strategic relationship with key actors in the EU decision-making process.

EFP delegates, policymakers and officers all considered this pioneering visit to the European Parliament to have been a success in its own right. Future networking and co-operation provide a potentially rewarding opportunity for advancing the priorities of the EFP and the interests of periodontal and other oral-healthcare professionals across Europe.

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EFP Facebook page
EFP's Facebook page passes 2,000-subscriber milestone

After months of continuous growth, the EFP's Facebook page has passed the milestone of 2,000 subscribers. As of June 30, a total of 2,072 oral-healthcare professionals and others interested in periodontal health had clicked the 'Like' button on the Facebook page in order to receive the EFP’s posts every day. Subscriptions are growing at about 4% per week.

The number of subscribers grew considerably in the run-up to EuroPerio8 and during the event itself, when the EFP's Facebook page provided updated information about the congress and the presentations that were taking place.

Subscribers come from more than 50 countries, with the biggest numbers of people coming from the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, Portugal and Turkey. Outside Europe, Mexico, Brazil and India are the biggest countries in terms of subscriber numbers, while women outnumber men by 56% to 44%.

If you want to join the EFP on Facebook, visit www.facebook.com/EFP.org and click the 'Like' button which will automatically subscribe you to all future EFP posts.

As part of its expanding social-media strategy, the EFP also has pages you can follow on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Graziani and Jepsen
Filippo Graziani receives EFP Clinical Research Prize

The 2015 EFP Clinical Research Prize in Periodontology (also known as the Jaccard Prize) was presented to Italian researcher Filippo Graziani during a ceremony at EuroPerio8 in London.

The prize, presented by EFP president Sören Jepsen, was awarded for the paper ‘Acute phase response following full mouth versus quadrant non-surgical periodontal treatment: a randomised clinical trial’ written by Graziani together with Silvia Cei, Marco Orlandi, Stefano Gennai, Mario Gabriele, Natalia Filice, Marco Nisi, and Francesco D’Aiuto.

Graziani, Cei, Gennai, Filice, and Nisi work at the Department of Surgical, Medical, Molecular and Critical Area Pathology at the University of Pisa, while Orlandi and D’Aiuto work at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London.

This paper assessed the differences in host response following conventional versus full-mouth non-surgical periodontal therapy. It was found that a single session of full-mouth debridement produced a one-week moderate acute-phase response compared to conventional (quadrant scaling) treatment.

The practical implications of the paper are that clinicians might choose conventional treatment for patients with complicated medical histories and/or uncontrolled comorbidities.

Four manuscripts were submitted, of which three were selected for the Jaccard Prize session at EuroPerio8. All three presentations on June 4 were of an excellent standard.

Raluca Cosgarea was the main author of the paper 'A randomized controlled clinical study of non-surgical periodontal treatment in conjunction with 3 versus 7 days systemic administration of Amoxicillin and Metronidazole in severe chronic periodontitis patients' together with Raluca Juncar, Christian Heumann, Roxana Tristiu, Lascu Liana, Nicole Arweiler, Andreas Stavropoulos, and Anton Sculean.

Christiane Pink authored the paper 'Longitudinal effects of fibrinogen levels and white blood cell counts on periodontitis' written together with Birte Holtfreter, Peter Meisel, Anne Grotevendt, Lukasz Jablonowski, Matthias Nauck, Marcello Markus, and Thomas Kocher.

The award-winning paper was chosen by a jury chaired by Maurizio Tonetti, editor in chief of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology (JCP). The other jury members were JCP associate editors Mariano Sanz and Sören Jepsen, with Iain Chapple representing the EFP executive committee, and Francis Hughes representing the EuroPerio8 organising committee.

The EFP Clinical Research Prize was established by the EFP in 1995 to promote periodontal research in Europe and is awarded every three years at the EuroPerio conference. It is open to all members of the 29 national periodontal societies that make up the federation.

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