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Dental hygienists - book early for 30% discount on EuroPerio8 day ticket

Dental hygienists can get nearly 30% off the special EuroPerio8 day ticket if they register by February 27.


This one-day alternative to full June 3-6 participation costs just 145 euros as opposed to the 205 euros you will pay if you wait until after May 13, 2015 or hold off to  purchase on-site at the world's leading conference in periodontology and implant dentistry.

There is also an early registration incentive for hygienists opting for full attendance of EuroPerio8. A price of 260 euros will get you the complete June 3 to 6 package if you book before Feb 27. After that, until May 13, you can still take advantage of a discounted price of 315 euros. For full details of registration prices, click here.

As a day ticket holder, dental hygienists will - on the day of your ticket - enjoy the full benefits of the scientific programme, receive all relevant conference materials, and access conference documentation through a login. You will also be able to catch up with all the latest product and technical innovations from the dental industry by visiting the huge exhibition space at the conference venue, ExCel.

Get your online registration form here .


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JCP Digest - new evidence for surgery on gingival recessions in lower incisors.

Can coronally advanced flaps (CAF) and connective tissue grafts (CTG) be effectively used on gingival recessions in the lower incisors?


CAF and CTG are techniques offering good root coverage and aesthetic outcomes in treating localised labial gingival recessions, but can they be effectively used on gingival recessions in the lower incisors?

Read the EFP's latest JCP Digest here. See the results of this new randomised controlled clinical trial which suggests that both CAF and CTG can successfully reduce the size of recessions in the lower incisors with good aesthetic outcomes.

The JCP Digest offers bite-sized perio research for clinicians who may lack the time to read through dense research papers but who, nevertheless, want to keep their knowledge updated.

For every monthly issue of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, one highly relevant study is now boiled down to a tight summary by rapporteurs under expert supervision and presented online as a downloadable pdf file. See ALL Digests here.

“I believe this is a project which really does reach out to many members,” said EFP General Secretary Prof. Stefan Renvert.

The JCP Digest is co-ordinated centrally by Dr. Iain Chapple with the co-operation of the editor-in-chief of the JCP, Prof. Maurizio Tonetti, under the umbrella of the EFP External Affairs Committee.

The project draws on global university expertise. Each selected research study is summarised by a team of rapporteurs from post-graduate periodontology courses at leading universities and academies.

Digests for the first six months of 2014 owe their conciseness and accuracy to teams led by the following experts at the following centres:

January. The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School – Moshe Goldstein. ·

February. Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam – Ubele van der Velden.

 March. Complutense University, Madrid – Mariano Sanz.

April. University of Bern – Giovanni Salvi.

May. University of Strasbourg – Henri Tenenbaum.

June. Catholic University Leuven – Marc Quirynen/Wim Teughel.

The research papers from January to June were drawn from a pool of top worldwide research centres in: South Korea; USA: Sweden; Italy; Japan; Singapore.

Digests for the second half of 2014 will come from the University of Paris, the University of Dublin, the Rambam Medical Centre in Israel, the Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden, the Yeditepe University in Turkey, and the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London.  




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Dutch Society Conference
Dutch focus on impact of ageing and lifestyle on periodontal health - Nov 28

'Dutch Masters: On Art of Ageing' is the title of the Autumn Congress of The Dutch Society of Periodontology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Parodontologie, or NVvP) which takes place on November 28 at CineMec, a fashionable venue in the town of Ede.

Under the spotlight will be the impact of ageing and lifestyle factors on the periodontal and general health of the population.

The Congress programme starts at 9.30 a.m. and includes five sessions.

Andrea Maier a German internal medicine-geriatrics specialist will discuss 'The art of bouncing (back): ageing and its secrets', followed by Dutch researcher Marianne Rots explaining 'Epigenetics: how lifestyle and ageing influence the emergence of genetical predisposition'. Next, Dutch periodontologist Wijnand Teeuw  will explore how 'Old age implies related shortcomings', particularly interaction between periodontal disease and 'diseases of affluence'.

After the lunch break, Belgian researcher Kris Verburgh will shed light 'On food and ageing', and Bram Bakker psychiatrist and publicist will describe 'How to change habits'.

For more information about the programme or the Congress, please click here.

According to statistics, within 25 years the Netherlands will be home to 4,7 million people aged between 65 and 79-years-old - a formidable health challenge considering that the population of Holland is 16.8 million!

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