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Alberto Sicilia
EuroPerio8: aesthetic factors in implant surgery - choice of device, tissue augmentation and more

The question of aesthetic factors in implant dentistry comes under the spotlight at EuroPerio8 on the afternoon of Friday, June 5.

The first of two sessions on critical factors in aesthetic outcomes for implant placement is devoted to choosing the right device.

Markus Hürzeler (Germany) will discuss key factors in the selection of the implant, abutment, or restorative material, while Frank Schwarz (Germany) will highlight the importance of the implant-abutment interface, and Irena Sailer (Switzerland) will close the session with a presentation on choosing the right biomaterial for implant restorations.

After the coffee break, the presentations tackle the question of tissue augmentation. Giovanni Zucchelli (Italy) will highlight the key factors for achieving successful outcomes with soft-tissue grafting around implants, Alberto Sicilia (Spain) will discuss the effective combination of bone and soft-tissue regeneration', and Ronald Jung (Switzerland) will conclude the session with a presentation on the effective use of soft-tissue substitutes.

For more information about registration please click here, and you can consult or download the final scientific programme here.


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Jan Lindhe keynote lecture in session on bone regenerative therapies in the anterior maxilla

Jan Lindhe, one of the leading figures of contemporary periodontology, will give a keynote lecture on Saturday, June 6 in what is sure to be one of the highlights of EuroPerio8.


Professor Lindhe, from Sweden, will talk about the bone of the alveolar process and the edentulous ridge in a speech that precedes the London congress’s final session, which celebrates 25 years of European periodontology.


His lecture (11am to 12 noon) will follow the session on critical factors in bone regenerative therapies in the anterior maxilla, which begins at 9am. The speakers in this session are: Christer Dahlin (Sweden), who will discuss the state of the art in bone regeneration; Istvan Urban (Hungary), who will talk about the use of grafts; and Zvi Schwartz (Israel), whose topic is the use of biologicals and growth factors.


Both Professor Lindhe’s lecture and the preceding session will include simultaneous translation into French and German.


Consult the final scientific programme book here.  


Register now for EuroPerio8 or find out more about last-minute fees, terms and conditions. This major conference takes place only once every three years.



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Head of Ubele van der Velden
Final part of Van der Velden interview focuses on Java Studies of susceptibility

The third and final part of the video interview with perio veteran Ubele van der Velden has just been published on the EFP website.

In ‘The Java Studies’, professor Van der Velden talks to interviewer Tiernan O’Brien about a pioneering research study whose fieldwork took place over a 15-year period.

After working on various research projects in the Netherlands in the 1970s, he wanted to carry out a longitudinal study on a specific population to identify risk factors, risk predictors, and risk determinants for the onset and progression of periodontitis.

The eventual study took place in a village of about 2,000 inhabitants on a tea estate in Western Java, in the former Dutch colony of Indonesia, with all subjects in the research aged between 15 and 25. The project involved a baseline examination in 1987 and follow-up examinations in 1994 and 2002, with an initial group of 255 subjects of which 128 were retrieved in the final examination.

The research identified various risk factors and risk predictors, and also showed that male gender was a risk determinant. It concluded that screening for relevant parameters early in life could be helpful in preventing the onset and progression of periodontal diseases.

The video on the Java Studies follows 'The early years', in which Van der Velden explains how he came to periodontology, and 'Genesis of the EFP', where he describes the early moves to bring together European practitioners of what was then a very young science and practice.

The interviews are part of the recently revamped 'EFP Interviews' section of the EFP website. The aim of the 'EFP Interviews' is to offer today's perio community a perspective on how things used to be and how they have evolved to the present day.


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