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MiCo, Milano
Italian periodontists and orthodontists to stage first intersociety meeting in October

The Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology (SIdP) will join forces with the Italian Society of Orthodontics (SIDO) in their first Intersociety Meeting, to be held in Milan at the end of October as part of the 46th SIDO International Congress.

Leading EFP figures including president Sören Jepsen and European Workshop in Periodontology chairman Mariano Sanz will be among the international speakers joining Italian periodontists and orthodontists at the event.

This Intersociety Meeting takes place within a congress whose overall theme is interdisciplinary orthodontics in children and adults.

“The relationship between orthodontic and periodontal care is one of the most controversial in clinical dentistry,” said SIdP president Maurizio Tonetti. “This meeting aims to clarify some of the controversial issues and open more exciting interdisciplinary treatment opportunities for the management of severe periodontitis with compromised aesthetics and masticatory dysfunction.”

Prof. Tonetti added that one of the two joint sessions is specifically aimed at the scientific framework of the benefits of periodontal and orthodontic care, while the other addresses effective team-building by introducing orthodontists to the complexities of periodontal care and periodontists to those of orthodontic care.

The focus on Friday, October 30 is ‘Lifelong integrated orthodontic and periodontal care’, where Prof. Jepsen (University of Bonn) will talk about lifetime periodontal health, risk factors, and prevention, and Prof. Sanz (Complutense University of Madrid) will discuss the suitability of orthodontic therapy for patients with severe periodontitis.

Other speakers include Ravindra Nanda from the University of Connecticut (USA), who will speak on orthodontic treatment planning and risk on gingival recession, Guilio Alessandri Bonetti (University of Bologna), who addresses the topic of periodontal aspects in the treatment of impacted teeth, and Filippo Graziani (University of Pisa), whose subject is the control of periodontitis and case re-evaluation before orthodontic treatment.

On Saturday, October 31, the theme of the intersociety meeting is ‘Complex orthodontic-periodontal patients’, where speakers will talk about the diagnosis of complex cases, therapeutic potential and individualised treatment planning, the prevention of relapses, and the critical and clinical aspects of managing complex cases.

Speakers include Francesco Cairo (University of Florence), who will talk about periodontal diagnosis and the stability of periodontal treatment during and after orthodontic therapy, and Giulio Rasperini (University of Milan), whose presentations cover the goals, techniques and therapeutic sequence in complex interdisciplinary cases and the periodontist’s view of critical aspects in the solution of complex cases.

Both the Friday and Saturday sessions (see the scientific programme for details) are aimed at a wide audience of orthodontists, periodontists, general dentists, and dental hygienists.

The SIDO congress will be held at Fiera Milano Congressi – Mico North in Milan from October 29 to 31, with the Intersociety Meeting presentations taking place in the Auditorium Silver.

All members of EFP-affiliated national perio societies are invited to submit, before September 6, abstracts for oral and e-poster presentations at the conference.

More information is available at the SIdP and SIDO websites.

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Anti-smoking counselling in dental-practice setting is effective, concludes systematic research review

Dentists and periodontists can play an important role in encouraging their patients to stop smoking, according to a systematic review of research, published in the EFP’s Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

The review, carried out by Christoph Ramseier (University of Bern, Switzerland) and Jean Suvan (UCL Eastman Dental Institute, London) found that brief interventions for behaviour-change counselling for tobacco-use cessation were effective when applied in the setting of the dental practice.

In contrast, the evidence for the positive effect of counselling on diet or healthy lifestyles was “limited or non-existent”.

Ramseier and Suvan posed the question “What is the efficacy of health behaviour change interventions/counselling provided in the dental setting in adults?”

The authors analysed seven systematic reviews and investigated five unhealthy lifestyles related to periodontal diseases: tobacco use, unhealthy diets, the harmful use of alcohol, physical inactivity, and stress.

Their paper, ‘Behaviour change counselling for tobacco use cessation and promotion of healthy lifestyles: a systematic review’, concluded: “While aiming to improve periodontal treatment outcomes and the maintenance of periodontal health current evidence suggests that tobacco use brief interventions conducted in the dental practice setting were effective thus underlining the rational for behavioural support.”

The paper by Ramseier and Suvan was published in the special issue of the JCP which was dedicated to the findings of the EFP Prevention Workshop or XI European Workshop in Periodontology whose theme was the effective prevention of periodontal and peri-implant diseases.

The individual paper and the entire special issue (Volume 42, Issue Supplement S16) are available to download in PDF format free of charge.

More information about the conclusions of the EFP Prevention Workshop held in La Granja, Spain, in November 2014, is available at the EFP’s new special website - prevention.efp.org - which is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble.

Dr. Christoph Ramseier, who teaches periodontology at the University of Bern, is also the founder and president of the Swiss task force “Smoking – Intervention in dental practices” and the global Oral Health Network on Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (OHNTPC).

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Van Dyke
Top German university awards honorary doctorate to Thomas Van Dyke from the Forsyth Institute

The University of Giessen in Germany has awarded an honorary doctorate to Prof. Dr. Thomas Van Dyke, chair of the Department of Applied Oral Health Sciences at the Forsyth Institute (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

Van Dyke is a pioneer in research on the links between periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases, where he has demonstrated the impact and effect of orally administered resolvins on the formation and structure of atheromatous plaques in the vessels.

This is the first time in more than 20 years that the University of Giessen, has awarded an honorary doctorate in dentistry.

The application for the honorary doctorate was submitted to the faculty of medicine by Prof. Dr. Joerg Meyle, director of the Department of Periodontology and EFP treasurer.

Two external reviewers gave their opinions based on Van Dyke’s scientific work and curriculum vitae, before the proposal was accepted by the Medical Faculty.

Thomas Van Dyke, who is also vice president of clinical and translational research, and a lecturer in oral medicine, infection, and immunity at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, has a close relationship with Germany. During the 1970s he worked as a dentist in the US army based at Bad Tölz in Bavaria.

“The relationship of periodontitis to cardiovascular diseases is becoming compelling,” Dr. Van Dyke told Inside Dentistry magazine in an interview. “Emerging data suggest that dental care can impact the outcome of systemic disease and general well-being.”

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