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Josep-Maria Terricabras
MEPs support perio in ‘Gum Health Matters’ video

The EFP-produced video Gum Health Matters, which features positive comments about perio from members of the European Parliament (MEPs), is now available for viewing on the EFP website.

This professional-quality video shows the growing political support for periodontology and for raising public awareness on gum health within European institutions. It was produced following the pioneering visit of an EFP delegation to the European Parliament in June 2015.

This visit, which involved a series of meetings and a working lunch, was designed as a way to start building a strategic relationship with policymakers, European Commission officers, experts, and other actors in the EU decision-making process.

The video features MEPs from several countries talking about the importance of periodontal health and its role in helping to prevent and treat systemic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

One of the featured MEPs, the Romanian Csaba Sógor, explains why he tabled an amendment to the EU budget to fund a pilot project for an awareness campaign on gum health. There are also comments from fellow MEPs Andrey Kovatchev (Bulgaria) and Josep-Maria Terricabras (Spain).

Gum Health Matters is part of a broader EFP initiative to work with European and international institutions to improve their understanding of gum health, its role in general health and public health, and the potential of periodontology to improve citizens’ health and also save billions of euros of expenditure in public-health systems.

The video was given its first screening, to an audience of members of EFP committees, at last November’s Media and Health Promotion Workshop in Madrid. It is also available for viewing at the EFP’s YouTube channel.

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Perio Focus green paper
Deadline for comments on ‘Perio Focus’ green paper is fast approaching

Periodontists and other interested parties are reminded that the deadline for responses to the “Perio Focus green paper”, issued last month by an international group of leading experts in periodontology, is Tuesday, February 16.

The EFP encourages its affiliated national societies and their individual members to provide comments on the green paper and to suggest changes. Contributions should state clearly the paragraph and line number where additions, amendments, or deletions are proposed.

Contributions should be sent to greenpaper@efp.org before February 16, 2016, indicating the name and country of the contributing person or national perio society.

The green paper, Impact of the global burden of periodontal disease on oral health, well-being and nutrition of mankind, seeks to build a new global consensus around periodontology. It outlines three areas for action: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

It was written by Journal of Clinical Periodontology editor Maurizio Tonetti and EFP president Søren Jepsen, together with Li-Jian Jin, councillor of the Asian Pacific Society of Periodontology (APSP) and Joan Otomo-Corgel, immediate past president of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP). 

Comments are being sought not only from within the EFP, the AAP and the APSP, but also from the Ibero-Panamerican Federation of Periodontics (FIPP), and the World Health Organization (WHO), among others.

All comments will be considered and carefully assessed by the paper’s primary authors, who will decide upon their inclusion in the final document. An appendix will be published online which will include all submissions.

The final draft will be shared with the EFP, the AAP, the APSP, and the FIPP, and then submitted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

Find more information about the Perio Focus green paper here.

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EFP's LinkedIn page
EFP’s social media impact grows – more than 9,000 subscribers on LinkedIn and over 3,000 on Facebook

The periodontal community of the EFP’s page on the professional network LinkedIn is growing rapidly in size and diversity, while its Facebook page is also reaching more and more people interested in gum health and gum disease.

More than 9,500 oral-health professionals – periodontologists, dentists, researchers, surgeons, hygienists, practices, consultants, and other members of the perio family – have subscribed to the EFP’s LinkedIn page, es.linkedin.com/in/europeanperiodontology.

The impact of the EFP’s page on this social-media platform goes beyond these 9,500 “direct” followers. Via the connections of these subscribers, there is a potential wider audience of a further 920,000 “indirect followers”.

The most numerous number of individuals and organisations that have subscribed so far come from Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the Netherlands. But there are also plenty of followers from the USA, Latin America, India, Australia, and many other countries.

On Facebook, the EFP now has more than 3,000 subscribers from all around the world. The top four countries are Spain (which, with 324 subscribers accounts for more than 10% of the January 20 total of 3,030), followed by Portugal (237), the United Kingdom (209), and Italy (195). 

But non-European countries are also among the Top 10, with 186 subscribers in Mexico, 82 in Brazil, 78 in India, and 76 in Egypt. While 56% of subscribers come from European countries with EFP member national perio societies, 14% come from Latin American countries and 7% from Asia. Curiously, the EFP’s Facebook page has even more subscribers in Iraq and Libya than in Sweden and Belgium.

Sixty per cent of subscribers are aged between 25 and 44, while 46% are aged between 25 and 34. “Subscribers” are defined as people who have indicated that they “like” the EFP’s Facebook page.

In 2015, the EFP published 760 posts, an average of just over two per day. The EFP also has an active presence on Twitter and YouTube.

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