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European Federation of Periodontology

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  • EFP Registration open
  • OPERA - Research opus explores Perio and RA
  • Phoebus Madianos - EFP President
  • Prof. Klaus Lang. The EFP Interview.
EuroPerio8 promo video
EuroPerio8 Video

We could tell you all about next year's huge EuroPerio8 conference in a thousand words...

but since we can tell the story in pictures, why not just click and watch this informative EuroPerio8 trailer.

Watch the video

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EuroPerio8 London 2015 - Registration open

Online abstract submission for EuroPerio8 is now open here, together with registration here.



With the clock ticking away before the June 3, 2015 opening of EuroPerio8, the world's leading conference in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, it is time to make sure you meet deadlines for registration and abstract submission.

Check all dates - and those all important early registration fee deadlines - by clicking here.

For an overview of the comprehensive scientific programme and a truly impressive array of international speakers for EuroPerio8, click here.

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What is the EFP Digest?

The JCP Digest offers bite-sized perio research for clinicians who may lack the time to read through dense research papers but who, nevertheless, want to keep their knowledge updated.

For every monthly issue of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, one highly relevant study is now boiled down to a tight summary by rapporteurs under expert supervision and presented online as a downloadable pdf file. See ALL Digests here.

“I believe this is a project which really does reach out to many members,” said EFP General Secretary Prof. Stefan Renvert.

The JCP Digest is co-ordinated centrally by Dr. Iain Chapple with the co-operation of the editor-in-chief of the JCP, Prof. Maurizio Tonetti, and under the umbrella of the EFP Executive Affairs Committee.

The project draws on global university expertise. Each selected research study is summarised by a team of rapporteurs from post-graduate periodontology courses at leading universities and academies.

Digests for the first six months of 2014 owe their conciseness and accuracy to teams led by the following experts at the following centres:

January. The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School – Moshe Goldstein. · February. Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam – Ubele van der Velden. · March. Complutense University, Madrid – Mariano Sanz.
April. University of Bern – Giovanni Salvi.
May. University of Strasbourg – Henri Tenenbaum.
June. Catholic University Leuven – Marc Quirynen/Wim Teughel.

The research itself from January to June was drawn from a pool of top worldwide researchers from: South Korea; USA: Sweden; Italy; Japan; Singapore.

Digests for the second half of 2014 will come from the University of Paris, the University of Dublin, the Rambam Medical Centre in Israel, the Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden, the Yeditepe University in Turkey, and the UCL Eastman Dental Institute in London.  


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