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EuroPerio8 early-bird registration deadline expired - registrations break all records

Exceptionally heavy traffic on the EuroPerio8 website as people flocked to register and take advantage of enormous early-bird discounts made the EFP extend its early-bird registration deadline to March 6 at 11.59 a.m. CET. Therefore, early-bird deadline is now expired with a great success in the number or registrations.

From now on, registration for EuroPerio8 is available until May 13 at regular fees, which are still considerably cheaper than last-minute ones. Register online for EuroPerio8 by clicking here.

Due to the fantastic level of interest in attending the forthcoming EuroPerio8 conference the online registration process was slower than usual, even if the website still managed to keep functioning despite this increased web traffic.

EP8 chairman Francis Hughes, EP8 scientific chairman Mariano Sanz, and EP8 treasurer Korkud Demirel have contacted the presidents and EFP delegates of the national societies to inform them that early-bird registrations are already running 30% higher than any previous EuroPerio.

Regular fees currently available keep offering advantages for EFP members and non-members. So, whatever your profession (dentist, hygienist, student) or nationality, you are most welcome to take advantage of them by May 13 is extended special offer for the world’s most important periodontal event.

Watch the brand new EP8 video on 'Critical Factors Implant Dentistry' or download the scientific programme.

The world’s most important periodontal event will take place from 3rd to 6th June in ExCeL Centre en London. Attending EuroPerio8 could be the best investment ever in your oral healthcare career!


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Cortellini ep8
EuroPerio8 science : periodontal regeneration, critical factors in implant dentistry... watch the video

Click here to watch our very brief trailer video to see who will be speaking in some of the key perio and implant science areas at EuroPerio8. The biggest conference in periodontology runs from June 3 to 6 at London's ExCeL centre and features over 100 top international speakers.

As this video outlines, the conference will bring you right up to date on aesthetic outcomes for implant placement, bone regenerative therapies in the aesthetic zone, critical factors in implant dentistry, periodontal regeneration... and much more.

And until February 27 you can still get a huge discount on early registration for EuroPerio8. Click here for details.

Please note: registration traffic on the EuroPerio8 website is very high these days. Please allow some minutes for processing.

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Thomas Kocher
Thomas Kocher at EuroPerio8 will dissect the Engebretson study on diabetes and periodontitis

Click for video. In late December 2013, many periodontal researchers were perplexed when a nationally-funded US study by Steven Engebretson purported to show no improvement in the glycemic control of periodontitis patients with diabetes who received periodontal treatment. The publication of the Engebretson study appeared to contradict what numerous well-conducted studies had already seemed to confirm, precisely that glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) levels improved following periodontal therapy.

In his EuroPerio8 presentation, the outstanding German periodontology researcher, Thomas Kocher, will offer what is sure to be a packed audience his dissection and explanation of why the Engebretson multi-centre trials showed no effect. He will also explore the main issues involved in the hot topic of the links between diabetes and periodontal disease.

This Periodontitis and Diabetes session is scheduled to take place from 16:30 to 18:00 on Friday, June 5, this year. Alongside Kocher, this key EuroPerio8 session will feature UK periodontologists Francesco D'Aiuto and Philip Preshaw. For the full EuroPerio programme, click here.



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