Sustainability at EuroPerio10

Sustainability is more than an environmental issue – it is a broader challenge that affects everything and everyone on the planet.
EFP and the congress organizing committee are committed to this cause and as such we are aiming to make this the most sustainable EuroPerio yet - find out how we are doing this and the ways you can support our mission!

Sustainable Dining in Copenhagen

Local and organic food not only at EuroPerio10

Are you already looking for restaurants in the evenings to discuss and reflect the EuroPerio10 congress days with your peers? No problem, Copenhagen has numerous organic restaurants which are waiting for you to explore.

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen, Photo by Giuseppe Liverino

Green food, good mood!

You want to try sustainable variations of typical Nordic cuisine like Kanelbüllar (cinnamon- & cardamom-flavoured rolled buns) or Stegt flæsk med persillesovs (crispy pork with potatoes and parsley sauce) and other traditional Danish dishes? Or do you rather prefer Italian food or just a quick snack like a hot dog on your way to your hotel or the Bella Center? The good news is that you can experience all these and more types of food in Copenhagen’s green and organic restaurant scene. Besides the rooftop restaurant GroSpiseri, which we already presented in our article Sustainable Must Do’s in the City of Copenhagen, the Danish capitals’ great variety of sustainable restaurants will spoil you with mouth-watering organic food. There literally are restaurant for every taste and budget! In this article we will give you a selection of excellent organic restaurants to dine in after your inspiring congress days at EuroPerio10:

Veggie wonderland – Gemyse Tivoli

Located in the heart of Tivoli Gardens, only 20 minutes away from the Bella Center by metro, lies the organic vegetable restaurant Gemyse. The cooks there combine fresh vegetables and herbs bursting with flavour, sourced from a local farm specialized in organic produce, in ways you have probably never tried before. If you visit, make sure to not miss out on their greenhouse and the kitchen garden where you can have a cup of tea, pop your own popcorn, bake twist bread, or roast marshmallows.

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen, Photo by Lina Anhoff

2nd best restaurant of the world – Geranium 

Looking for a particularly special dinner experience? Following its mission to create meals which involve all your senses, Geranium, a 3-star Michelin restaurant, has been serving a completely meat-free menu since2022. In place of meat, the restaurant highlights local sustainable seafood from pristine waters and vegetables from bio-dynamic farms. It is run by Rasmus Kofoed, who won the world championships in cooking in 2011. You can literally feel the sustainability of the restaurant by looking through the tree crowns surrounding it, as it is perfectly situated on the 8th floor in Fælledparken (Common Gardens) in the center of Copenhagen, only 25 minutes away from the Bella Center by metro. As Geranium and its 22-course tasting menu curated by Kofoed are world-renowned, reserving a table timely in advance is a Must Do!

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen, Photo by Claes Bech-Poulsen

Organic Italian-style restaurant – BÆST 

After years of experience in various vegetable-centric restaurants, Christian F. Puglisi and Kim Rossen fulfilled their dream with opening their restaurant and pizzeria BÆST with its own adjoined bakery Mirabelle. BÆST not surprisingly means ‘beast’ in Danish, and it is located in the hip and colourful neighbourhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen. The founders aim to create a unique Italian-style restaurant with delicious Italian produce like extra virgin olive oil and sun-ripened tomatoes along with the best local products sourced from Danish organic farmers. As sustainability and ecology are key words at BÆST and Mirabelle all their ingredients are certified organic.

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen, Photo by P.A. Jørgensen

The organic hot dog stand – DØP 

Besides the traditional Danish open sandwiches ‘smørrebrød’, there is nothing as Danish as a hot dog stand. At DØP, the luxurious version of the traditional hot dog stand, everything is organic - from the remoulade sauce to the fried onions and even the soft drinks! The bread used is whole grain, from slowly raised dough and topped with linseeds and the sausages covered by it are made of organic meat. Also, no problem if you are a vegetarian. They offer delicious veggie hot dogs, too! Situated on Strøget and Købmagergade, famous shopping and pedestrian streets in Copenhagen it is a real public attraction and only 15 minutes away from EuroPerio10 in the Bella Center. 

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen

Floating and green dining – Vandvid 

Have you ever had dinner on a boat? No? Then it is about time that you visit Vandvid. Vandvid is a restaurant inside of a floating houseboat in the South Harbour of Copenhagen, per bus and foot only 20 minutes away from the Bella Center. Vandvid can be translated in two ways: ‘Water Wide’ and ‘Crazy’ -it is named after their slightly crazy (by their own admission that is) and creative owners. In their floating restaurant they serve delicious dishes made from organic vegetables and top-quality meat from local producers. In the summertime you can eat outside on the deck and take a swim in the clean water of Copenhagen Harbour as well as watch some of their vegetables grow right on board. It is also the perfect place if you simply want to sit, watch the waves, and relax with a cup of coffee, a cold organic draft beer or a glass of wine. 

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen, Photo by Mikkel Bækgaard

At EuroPerio10 we have another culinary delight in store for you! For everybody who has purchased a ticket, on Saturday, June 18th, 2022, we will hold our Official Congress Evening at the beautiful Langelinie Pavillonen, located directly at the canal right next to The Little Mermaid. The location presents itself with classic Danish architecture and design and the unrivalled views enjoyed from Langelinie Pavillonen are the perfect setting for a gala dinner to round up your congress experience. 

Copyright: Langelinie Pavillonen

Lastly, already curious about the variety of food and beverage offers we will have directly at EuroPerio10 and the Bella Center? Then stay tuned for our upcoming sustainability articles!

Working together for a more sustainable EuroPerio10

Teamwork makes the dream work!

As in every area of life and business, communication and a good network are everything. A congress is not only the work of one person or one company, but an interplay of all parties involved – suppliers for decoration, catering, the Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) and numerous enterprises more are all working together to organise the whole congress. Especially, when you want to organise a sustainable event as EuroPerio10, choosing your partners consciously as well as briefing them about sustainability and behaving responsibly is essential so that the congress will really make a positive environmental impact. Accordingly, we can identify 4 key players by the example of EuroPerio10, which we will introduce in this article:

  • The PCO
  • The Exhibition & Industry
  • YOU as our delegates
  • The Organising Committee: European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) - We have already introduced its sustainability initiatives in our last article What a PCO can do to make a congress greener.

PCO Mondial Congress & Events goes green!

We are the connecting interface between all partners of the congress and manage registration, the venue, staff, industry and exhibition, finance and budget, marketing, the scientific programme, materials and other suppliers, the meetings, catering, hotel bookings and so on. Following the motto “Mondial does good” we as Mondial Congress & Events strive to organise sustainable events. Therefore, we do not only pay attention to the sustainability aspects of the congresses, but we even launched a company-wide environmental initiative more than 10 years ago, focusing primarily on materials procurement, recycling, various energy-saving measures, and office ecology. Furthermore, since 2012 we are licensees of the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings and as such are authorised to certify green events and provide both the know-how and tools. In the picture below you can see some of our general sustainable achievements:

Copyright: Mondial Congress & Events

Exhibition & Industry

One of the highlights of EuroPerio10 for sure is the big industrial exhibition which will be set up in two halls of the Bella Center, Hall E and C. However, having more than 3,000 m2 exhibition space filled with intricate booth constructions, which are only set up for a few days, of course means the potential for a lot of wastage. Therefore, we have created the “EuroPerio Sustainability Supporter” initiative that rewards exhibitors who follow sustainability guidelines on how to build their booth, which materials to use and what to consider for catering orders and give aways, to name just a few. As our industry partners are an essential part for the success of the congress, it is not possible to make a step towards sustainability without them joining the initiative. So, we thank for the support in considering the following small changes which can have a much larger impact overall:

  • Sometimes booths are just designed and set up for only one congress and then discarded – with a lot of reusable elements available, we ask our exhibitors to consider which elements can just be reused from previous or for future congresses. 
  • We all enjoy the goodies given out in the industrial exhibition but ask our partners to think what they hand out and about the longevity of the objects. 
  • Just the same way as we have reduced printed materials significantly, we encourage our industry partners as well to consider how they can share their information in different ways or in cases where they do print flyers, ask them to use recycled paper.
  • We ask them to follow us in our approach to catering, to order regional and seasonal products and use reusable or recyclable tableware. 
Copyright: Mondial Congress & Events


You, as delegates, are crucial for the success of organising EuroPerio10 as a sustainably as possible. You might think, you cannot change anything or make an impact by doing a few sustainable things but think twice: While EFP, the PCO and the industry can make structural changes to foster sustainability, it is the thousands of delegates that make EuroPerio10 what it is, and their behaviour directly impacts the final carbon footprint we have for the event. So, make sustainability your priority because small changes can have a big positive impact. Now, what can you do?

  • No need to print your tickets etc. for EuroPerio10 as this will reduce paper wastage. Please bring your barcode to print your name badge for EuroPerio10 digitally via your mobile phone or another electronic device you will receive the code via e-mail. Other announcements are available on thewebsite of EuroPerio10. If you deem it necessary to print these documents at home, try to use recyclable paper or already used one and print on the other side.
  • Looking for bag and pocket possibilities to stash in all your cool congress materials and goodies at EuroPerio10? We have the perfect option for you: We already promoted our sustainable EuroPerio10 backpacks in our last article as they are stylish, made of recycled materials and a memory of your unforgettable congress experience. You can purchase them along with your registration for EuroPerio10. 
Copyright: Mondial Congress & Events
  • When planning your trip to Copenhagen, try to avoid flying and choose a more sustainable mode of transport like the train. If you cannot avoid taking the plane, we suggest offsetting your flight’s carbon emissions which is possible via companies like atmosfair or myclimate. They calculate your CO2-footprint and then you can pay a compensation fee to support climate protection projects.
  • In Copenhagen the easiest way to get from A to B is to use one of the four metro lines which are faster and more reliable than a fossil fuel-based vehicle. EuroPerio10’s congress location Bella Center has its own metro station which is only a 15-minute ride away from the city center and around 20 minutes from the airport. Other options would be to go by bike or boat or to take electric taxis. For further information look at our other article Moving around Copenhagen the green way.
  • BYO (Bring Your Own)! We would love it if you brought your own water bottle and bag - and so would the environment. 
  • Do not forget to leave no waste behind. Our signposted waste management system on-site will help you to separate garbage, keep the Bella Center clean and to protect the environment.
  • Regarding the choice of your accommodation in Copenhagen, we and our housing partner CAP offer sustainable and eco-certified hotels for your stay. They will welcome you with the Danish hospitality and strive to reduce their emissions as well as energy and water spendings, use sustainable materials and source food locally, to name just a few environmental benefits. If you want to take a closer look at these hotels, we recommend you read our other article Sleeping with a green conscious in Copenhagen or see our catalogue of eco-friendly hotels in Copenhagen. Of course, you can already book your accommodation here.
  • You want to do something good for the environment in your free time after the congress, too? The beautiful city of Copenhagen offers a variety of sustainable activities indoor and outdoor for every season. You can find them on this website in our article Sustainable Must Do’s in the City of Copenhagen.
Copyright: Mondial Congress & Events

Spread the word!

Sustainability is a global problem and as such all measures can only succeed if you, as our delegates, are informed and aware of the specific steps on how you can contribute to our initiative. Therefore, our goal is that as many delegates as possible are aware and more importantly, contribute to the EuroPerio10 sustainability initiative. How are we doing this? 

  • You may have also noticed our other articles on sustainability and the entries in our newsletter and on social media (starting in May 2022) – Our goal is to give you all the resources and information so you can also make your congress experience more sustainable.
  • All information on our sustainability initiative and ways how delegates can contribute will also be featured in a dedicated Sustainability Corner on-site.
  • We are very happy that we invited Katherine Richardson to EuroPerio10 as a keynote speaker for a lecture on sustainability. As a professor in biological oceanography and an investigator in the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate in Copenhagen, she is also the lead author of the book ‘Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions’ and the leader of the Sustainability Science Center. We hope she will inspire you as much as she does us. 
Copyright: Mondial Congress & Events

Sustainability begins with you

It is our mission to offer you a congress experience of excellent quality and to organise EuroPerio10 as sustainably as possible. But this is not feasible without you. Therefore, keep in mind the steps you can take to contribute to our sustainability initiatives and spread the word among your fellow colleagues and delegates. In that way, we can make a positive impact together for our future!

What a PCO can do to make a congress greener

Sustainable initiatives of EuroPerio10

The recent years have shown that sustainability is not just ‚nice to have’ but something essential to be considered in all aspects of life to ensure the future of our planet. Congresses are no exception here and as such PCOs and congress organizers also needed to find new ways to reduce their impact on the environment. In line with the EFP sustainability manifesto we are striving to make EuroPerio10 the most sustainable EuroPerio so far and are happy to share with you the ‘behind the scenes’ factors, that help us achieve this goal.

Why sustainability is essential for everyone, especially Professional Congress Organizers

Sustainability was defined by the UN in 1987 as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. It is built up equally and inseparably on the 3 pillars ecology, society and economy and can only be achieved if all three areas are given equal consideration. But why is it important at all? All it takes is a glance at the news. Climate change, famine, refugee flows, plastic waste in the oceans and species extinction. One terrible message follows the next. Ecological, economic, and social sustainability has become a question of human survival. In fact, with our lifestyles and resource consumption, we would need a global average of about 1.75 Earths to live sustainably. Therefore, acting sustainably should and must be integrated in every part of our lives.

Copyright: Bellagroup

Why is it especially essential for a PCO to operate sustainably? Travel, Food & Beverage, Accommodation, Materials & Waste and Venue can be identified as the key areas which contribute the most to the environmental footprint of an event. The typical conference attendee produces more than 2 kg of waste and about 182 kg of CO2 emissions a day but can reach up to 910 kg, when extensive travel is needed. A 3-day conference for a 1,000 people creates 5,670 kg of waste, over half of which will go directly to landfill. Furthermore, the average event wastes 15-20% of the food it produces. Most of the materials like bottles, napkins, brochures etc. are out of plastic or paper and after the conference is over, they go to waste, and with no proper preparation aren’t even properly recycled. This list continues… To reduce the negative environmental impacts of events hosted, a PCO has to take all these areas into consideration and create a holistic sustainability concept not only for its events but also for the company itself and its employees.

Making EuroPerio10 the most sustainable one of our congresses 

At EuroPerio10 we passionately believe that sustainability is a critical component of our portfolio and mission, and the future of long-term prosperity. Therefore, we make sustainability a priority. Our green initiatives for EuroPerio10 are built up on our 4 pillars to implement a more sustainable congress which you can also find here on this website:

1.   Reduce printed materials
2.   Reduce CO2
3.   Reduce waste & Recycle
4.   Spread the word

Copyright: Mondial Congress & Events, European Federation of Periodontology

Following them, we implemented several sustainable initiatives for EuroPerio10 in the following areas: 

Materials, Signage & Decoration, Waste & Recycling

In some cases, printing materials is still essential to provide delegates and partners with relevant information. That said, in a lot of cases online alternatives or similar are available and it is key to identify in which instances printing can be reduced or avoided. We are on track to significantly reduce on-site and pre-congress printed matters by 50%, source all congress materials (pocket programme, lanyards, badge paper) from recyclable materials and implement a comprehensive recycling system on-site. Also, a lot can be done regarding signage and decoration, for example switching to reusable and recycled materials instead of single-use plastic items. It is impossible to not create waste with a congress of the size of EuroPerio10 and it is our priority to clearly identify which expenditures are truly necessary and in which cases alternative solutions with a lighter ecological footprint can be found. Therefore, the following measures will be taken: 

  • For all printed matters we use recyclable paper – including the official EuroPerio name badges!
  • Pocket Programme and Congress App replace the full programme book: 
    The average EuroPerio programme book had 300 pages plus, and while some may enjoy this extended reading, we decided to include all this information in the congress app for EuroPerio10. This way, as you can simply use the search function, you don’t only avoid having to flip through pages to find the info you are looking for, but it also saves almost 3 million pages of paper (equals 13,9 tons) going to waste after the congress is over.
  • Instead of pre-printing “Save the dates” and announcements etc., which make up thousands of flyers, they will be provided to all relevant stakeholders on a cloud and can be printed on demand based on numbers of anticipated attendees at various events.
  • Not only the EuroPerio10 name badges are made from recycled paper, but we also looked for more sustainable options for the lanyards which will be made from recycled PET to not use up new resources.
  • To help you navigate around the venue we of course will need signage elements exclusively produced for the congress – however, to reduce our environmental footprint in this area we primarily use recyclable cardboard signage and switched to digital alternatives wherever feasible. Furthermore, we will use mostly planted instead of cut flowers! 
  • Usually, congress halls feature carpet runners, that are only set up for the congress days and then thrown out as they are not reusable. While EuroPerio9 still featured close to 10.000m² in carpets, we are committed to reducing this number by at least 50% and only placing carpets in areas where it is unavoidable.
Copyright: Mondial Congress & Events


As written in our other article “Moving around Copenhagen the green way” we encourage every participant of EuroPerio10 to travel with public modes of transport (e.g. train, metro) in and around the city by providing a free public transport ticket for Copenhagen for the duration of the congress. Moreover, we recommend including carbon compensation if you need to book flights. Our goals are to reduce emissions by booking all committee members and Mondial staff flights with carbon compensation, reduce 20% of the flights booked for pre-congress meetings and reward delegates that arrive by train or used carbon compensation. Moreover, instead of sending flyers all around the globe, we provide the digital versions to our partners to print them locally (if printing is required at all!). This also significantly decreases shipping requirements and therefore carbon emissions. 

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen, Photo by Daniel Rasmussen


As food & beverage make up around 13% of the total event’s footprint, the first main issue is sourcing necessary ingredients in the needed quantities. Furthermore, on average 15-20% of the food produced for the event is wasted. Our goals here are to significantly reduce emissions and food waste, offer only seasonal and regional food options and provide a culinary experience of excellent quality. Our measures to achieve these:

  • All catering is sourced as close to the Bella Center as possible, and we only use seasonal products to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions.
  • While we try to calculate the requirements for the official coffee breaks as closely as possible, we cannot ensure that on some days there may be leftovers – however, in those instances we do not let food go to waste but take advantage of the Bella Center’s cooperation with the Round Table which provides food to homeless shelters and Too Good To Go, among others. 
  • Use recyclable tableware like paper cups - while it is not feasible to have porcelain tableware for such a large event, we will exclusively use recyclable cups and cutlery for our coffee breaks and water dispensers. Of course, if you bring your own water bottle this would be an additional plus – just think about how many throw-away cups you would use during a congress otherwise!
Copyright: Bellagroup

Goodbye, harmful congress bags – Hello, sustainable EuroPerio10 backpacks!

Remember these old congress bags with half a binder of flyers inside which were sometimes never even used again after the congress? This year we decided to do things a little differently. But do not worry, you will receive a lot of sustainable goodies and have the chance to purchase one of our awesome and sustainable EuroPerio10 backpacks along with your registration for EuroPerio10. They are made sustainably out of recycled fibres and only cost EUR 35,-. What is the best about them? They are stylish, practical and remind you forever of your amazing stay at EuroPerio10. Go and get your backpack along with your registration for EuroPerio10.

Copyright: Mondial Congress & Events

Are you hungry or already looking up restaurants in Copenhagen for the evenings after the congress programme of EuroPerio10? No need to do that, just stay tuned for our upcoming articles on sustainable restaurants and food options in Copenhagen!

Moving around Copenhagen the green way

Sustainable transportation for your congress stay

Are you already searching for a fast, reliable, and green mode of transport to get around in Copenhagen and especially to EuroPerio10 at the Bella Center? Do you also think about how you will manage to do so many sustainable activities, which you have read about in our last article? No need to worry! As Copenhagen’s transport infrastructure is one of the most efficient in the world, you will not have any problems getting around there during EuroPerio10 and minimizing your environmental footprint at the same time. Your personal add-on: a free ticket for all public transportation in Copenhagen for the duration of EuroPerio10, which comes along with your registration!

Why rethinking our mode of transport is essential

Did you know that according to the organization Sustainable Travel International travel and tourism related activities account for about 8% of the world’s carbon emissions? Unfortunately, this figure is set to rise. Reports claim that transportation and travel as such is the biggest environmental issue of events such as congresses making up 70-90% of the total event carbon footprint. In order to safe our planet and stop climate change, we have to rethink our modes of transportation and choose more sustainable ones if possible. Copenhagen as one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities and with one of the best public transport systems is therefore the perfect place for us to host EuroPerio10 and for you travel in a green way.

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen, Photo by Stewen Quigley

From your home to EuroPerio10

As EuroPerio10, the world’s leading international congress for periodontology, has thousands of participants from all around the world, most of you are certainly planning to arrive by airplane. Aviation accounts for 2,5% of the global CO2 emissions, which is the same amount of emissions as a country like France emits in total. But how can you make your journey to EuroPerio10 greener? One option would be switching to a more sustainable mode of transport like the train for example. The second option, for those of you who cannot travel to Copenhagen other than by plane, is offsetting your flight carbon emissions. That can easily be done via organizations like atmosfair or myclimate which calculate your CO2-footprint and then you can pay a compensation fee to support climate protection projects. 

Copyright: myclimate

How to “green” around in Copenhagen

You will not have any problems getting around in Copenhagen, one of the best European cities for sustainable transportation, and protect the environment at the same time. Do not forget that along with your registration for EuroPerio10 you receive a free ticket for all public transportation in Copenhagen for the duration of the congress. Fortunately, there are numerous options for you to discover the city and get to EuroPerio10:

Public transportation

Thanks to short walking distances and an efficient transport infrastructure, you can get around Copenhagen in a quick and sustainable way. 

Are you busy or tired after a long congress day? Then use the metro of one of Copenhagen’s four metro lines, which is faster and more reliable than a fossil fuel-based vehicle. And guess what? With the metro, it only takes 10 minutes to get from the airport to the city center and the line M1 will take you within 15 minutes directly to the Bella Center where EuroPerio10 will be waiting for you. 

If you do not like the metro, the public bus system is also a good choice. Fact on the side: Copenhagen’s bus system plans to be running on zero-emission vehicles by 2025!

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen

Taxis and car sharing

If you want to travel by car, keep in mind to choose a sustainable option. Luckily, more and more taxi companies in Copenhagen are increasing their number of electric vehicles, with some using electric cars exclusively already. Furthermore, there is an abundance of (electric) car rentals and international car-sharing schemes with by-the-minute renting like Share-now and Greenmobility. Due to these, whether you need to rent your (electric) car for 2 minutes or 4 days, they are available at every street corner.

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen

Bike along and sail like a captain

As 49% of its locals commute by bike every day and thanks to 400km of spacious bike lanes, Copenhagen is a real paradise for cyclists. For you to see the city through the eyes of a local and get to Bella Center, we recommend getting a(n) (electric) bike from one of the 100 city bike locations and other bike rentals. Or are you more an ocean lover? Copenhagen’s numerous boat rentals offer sustainable boats to rent as well as guided tours to discover the whole city. You can find further information for these two modes of transport and amazing sustainable activities in Copenhagen in our article “Sustainable Must Do’s in the City of Copenhagen”

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen, Photo by Martin Heiberg

Our sustainability initiatives at EuroPerio10

Already curious what sustainable highlights we have in store for you at EuroPerio10? Here is a little hint for you: At EuroPerio10 there will be an on-site sustainability challenge where you can collect points for acting sustainably, engage with the topic and with a bit of luck you can win exciting prizes. For more information about our sustainability initiatives at EuroPerio10 and how you can take part in the sustainability challenge do not miss our upcoming articles!

Meet the pets of the Bella Center Copenhagen

What have bees and crickets to do with EuroPerio10?

What comes to your mind when you think about congress venues, especially the Bella Center in Copenhagen? Spacious congress halls with room for knowledge exchange and networking, modern architecture, high-end technical equipment, and delicious catering will be for sure some of the first things you think of. But what about the Pets of the Bella Center? Pets? Yes, you read that right – next to bustling congress crowds there is an own ecosystem of Bella Center inhabitants that do their own part to increase sustainability and as such deserve our recognition for their support in making EuroPerio10 more sustainable too!

“Bzz-bzz-bzzzz” at the roof of Bella Center

When you arrive for the EuroPerio10 at the Bella Center Copenhagen, you might be welcomed by the buzzing sounds of fluffy and friendly honeybees. Around 600,000 honeybees live on the roof of the Bella Center. The honeybee is unfortunately threatened by extinction due to the usage of poisonous pesticides not only in Denmark but also in many parts around the world. Tackling this issue and striving for sustainability, the Bella Center, and its owner BC Hospitality Group  are providing ideal conditions for the bees as well as a safe habitat for them on the rooftop of the venue. This in return makes Copenhagen greener and provides many benefits to the guests. 

Copyright: Bybi

Bybi, one of the largest urban beekeeping projects in Europe, cares for these several hundred thousand honeybees and offers guided tours with honey tasting at their magical honey factory. If you are interested in this sustainable project, see our other article “Sustainable Must Do’s in the City of Copenhagen”  where we have dedicated a whole section to Bybi.

The hundred thousand honeybees of the Bella Center produce up to 50 kg of honey per hive and around 203 kg in the summer which is used for their gastronomy services. Even though the bees are living directly in the city, our little friends take special care to avoid polluted flowers and filter out harmful substances, to ensure that the honey is free from any pesticides and pollution. Without any worries, you can have a taste of this delicious honey directly at EuroPerio10 while having a cup of tea or a piece of cake during your coffee breaks. And guess what: Out of this golden liquid the Bella Center produces its own local honey beer Bien Amber Ale for you to enjoy too at EuroPerio10. 

Copyright: Bybi

“Chirp-chirp” - The chirping hotel

You hear a chirping sound during EuroPerio10? Then you may have just passed the on-site cricket farm, the Cricket Hotel, of the Bella Center Copenhagen. They started the collaboration with Entomation, a start-up which specializes in urban cricket farms, to be able to have more sustainable sources of protein for their guests. Regarding the nutritional composition of crickets, they are considered a Super Food and Bella Center aspires to introduce them as the new and more climate-friendly ingredient in their catering menu. 


Contrarily to what you might think, crickets are very effective and sustainable protein providers as they contain a lot of vitamin B12, iron, amino acids, and protein of course. Furthermore, they do not need much water, space, and reproduce much faster than common animal protein sources do. 
In comparison, how much litres of water does it take to produce 1 kg of beef? Around 15,000 litres of water are used for producing only 1 kg of beef. On the other hand, for 1 kg of crickets you only need 8 litres, and they emit 0.15 kg of CO2 while 1 kg of beef emits 15 kg CO2.

As the Bella Center strives for sustainability in all business aspects, they designed the cricket farm as a circular business model which should be able to maintain itself and which leaves almost no footprints. This means for example feeding the crickets with food leftovers or heating the farm with excess heat from an already existing refrigerated container.

According to their estimations they now should have a population of around 500,000,000 crickets. So far, the Bella Center had a lot of positive and exciting guest experiences with crickets as ingredients in their menu as they totally serve as good conversation-starters or highlights for events. Even though they are not considered an everyday normal food yet, the Bella Center wants to encourage its guests to rethink their eating habits and thus make the whole catering more sustainable. 

Maybe your new favourite Super Food of the future?

This time we will not yet serve crickets during the coffee breaks, but maybe you want to give this Super Food of the future a try the next time you see the option. However, the Bella Center’s local honey will be for sure part of the mouth-watering and sustainable catering offer during the coffee breaks at EuroPerio10.

Have you ever wondered about how you can be sustainable as a congress participant? You want to have some more information about the Bella Center and its sustainable initiatives? Stay tuned for our upcoming sustainability articles!

Sustainable Must Do’s in the City of Copenhagen

Copenhagen - the green ‘merchant’s harbour’

Feeling the lush grass under your bare feet in green urban spaces, taking a swim in the Øresund harbour baths, interacting with friendly bees, and sustainably discovering the city by boat or bike – all these sustainable activities and more are waiting for you to experience in the magnificent City of Copenhagen. Therefore, you should plan a few extra vacation days before or after the EuroPerio10 for an urban adventure or use the time when there aren’t any sessions going on.

In order that you can enjoy the time of your life in Copenhagen and protect the environment at the same time, below you will find our Top 5 Sustainable Activities which will make your congress stay unforgettable.

Top 5 – Rejuvenate in green urban spaces and gardens
Unlike many other bustling cities, Copenhagen is a lush and green paradise instead of a dull and grey paved parking lot. Firstly, the ‘merchant’s harbour’ is famous for its rooftop gardens and especially Denmark’s first rooftop farm ØsterGro where local citizens communally grow vegetables and raise chickens. Everybody is invited to join them and while there you can enjoy delicious organic food served by their own restaurant GroSpiseri above the roofs of Copenhagen. 

Copyright: Wonderful Copenhagen

If you want to stroll along the green urban spaces in Copenhagen some more, we recommend visiting the majestic King’s GardenAlso known as Rosenborg Garden, it’s the oldest royal garden of Denmark with several fountains, statues, and pavilions. The lush lawns are very popular for picnics especially during the summer bloom of the enormous flowerbeds. 

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Top 4 - #BeeSustainable
When you think about beehives and honey production, pictures of forests and rural life pop up in your mind? Think again, because in Copenhagen you can get urban honey being produced by bees living directly on the rooftops of the Danish capital. Bybi, one of the largest urban beekeeping projects in Europe, unites honey, bees, flowers, and us humans. You should definitely visit their magical honey factory in historic Sundholm to meet the bees through guided tours and taste golden honey from different districts of Copenhagen. And your personal add on: As the Bella Center, our congress location, has a cooperation with Bybi, you can have a flavour of this special and delicious honey directly at EuroPerio10 while having a cup of tea or a piece of cake during your coffee breaks.

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Top 3 – Ahoy Captain! – Sail the city
You want to roam the blue waterways of the Øresund and discover Copenhagen at the same time? No problem, the city offers numerous boat rentals which provide sustainable alternatives to keep the sea clean and untouched. GoBoat rents boats with eco-friendly electrical engines which are solar cell powered and have space for up to 8 people. Stromma offers two almost noiseless, CO2-neutral, and electrical canal boats so that you can create your own tour. With Hey Captain you will be guided by your own personal captain through the historic heart of Copenhagen while relaxing and sipping on delicious drinks.

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Top 2 - *Ring-Ring* - Discover one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities
As Copenhagen strives to be climate-neutral in 2025, the Copenhageners have a lot of bikes. A whole lot of bikes! Therefore, travelling through the city by bicycle is one of the best options to stay sustainable, healthy and see Copenhagen through the eyes of the locals. And guess what? The location of EuroPerio10, Bella Center, is perfectly accessible by bike thanks to the great abundance of spacious bike paths in Copenhagen. We totally recommend riding there with your comfortable bicycle which you can get at numerous bike rentals and tour operators like Green Bike ToursEnergy Crossroad ToursbeCopenhagen bike tours. They offer everything, from simple (electric) bike rental to even professionally guided tours where you can discover sustainable and historical places of the city like green architecture or Amalienborg Palace. In that way you can see Copenhagen from a personal perspective and protect the environment at the same time.

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Top 1 –Swim in the pristine waters of Øresund
Eat, Beach, Sleep, Repeat - that may be the perfect programme after 4 intense days of EuroPerio10. In Copenhagen you will always have the chance to dip into the refreshing Øresund either at the centrally located harbour baths like the basins of Islands Brygge or at beautiful beaches like the white sand Amager Beach Park. Although the water temperature in summer in Copenhagen is around 20° C, it is exciting to jump into the Øresund from the dizzying diving towers.

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How can I plan my activities?
When you arrange your congress stay with sustainable activities, accommodation etc., don’t forget that along with your registration for EuroPerio10, you will receive a free ticket for all public transport for the duration of the congress in Copenhagen. 

If you are already in love with our recommendations and want to have some more information on sustainable activities or need help with planning them, we totally suggest visiting the website of Copenhagen’s Tourist Information.

Oh, and one more thing: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our EuroPerio10 newsletter for more tips and tricks for your sustainable congress experience in beautiful Copenhagen.

Sleeping with a green conscious in Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s sustainable accommodations 

From luxurious and stylish to budget-friendly and simple, from modern to historical or from buzzing to relaxing hotels - Copenhagen offers a variety of sustainable accommodations for you that leave nothing to be desired. In fact, 70% of the hotel rooms in Copenhagen are eco-certified, so sleeping there with a green conscious is not a big challenge.

Go green with the choice of your accommodation for EuroPerio10 
For those of you who haven’t booked your hotel room for EuroPerio10 yet, we are delighted that we can offer a well-chosen number of eco-friendly and sustainable hotels in Copenhagen which you can book via our official housing partner CAP. 

On top of the list for sustainable accommodations is the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers Hotel that combines green credentials with high-end luxury and is located near the Bella Center and the metro station. Offering spacious rooms with breath-taking views about the cityscape, it provides an easy access to famous attractions like The Little Mermaid or the Tivoli Gardens

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But the Crowne Plaza is not the only sustainable hotel in Copenhagen by far, there are numerous Green Key certified options for all budgets. Among them you will surely find the perfect accommodation for you and do something good for the environment at the same time: 

•   Imperial Hotel - Classical designed and traditional but innovative hotel
•   Copenhagen Strand Hotel - Nordic Waterfront hotel 
•   Copenhagen Island Hotel - Relaxing hotel surrounded by water 
•   The Square - Stylish hotel in the heart of the city
•   Wake Up Copenhagen Hotels - Modern, budget friendly and centrally located hotels

Last but not least, Copenhagen with its sustainable accommodations is the perfect destination for your congress stay and to help protect the environment. We look forward to seeing you in June and hope you support our EuroPerio10 sustainability initiative by booking a sustainable hotel in the remarkable city Copenhagen. Book your room now.

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Find out more about sustainability at EuroPerio10
600,000 bees at the Bella Center? What can I do to be green in Copenhagen? Already curious about more sustainability facts about Copenhagen and the EuroPerio10? Then check out our other articles about Sustainable Activities in Copenhagen or the Meet the pets of the Bella Center

Mission Statement

Sustainability is more than an environmental issue – it is a broader challenge that affects everything and everyone on the planet.

We are facing a watershed moment in the history of human evolution and occupancy of the planet, and while this is undoubtedly a time of instability it is also a time of great opportunity. We believe passionately that sustainability is a critical component of our portfolio and mission, and the future of long-term prosperity.

Make sustainability a priority: small changes can have a big positive impact.

Our sustainable goals for EuroPerio10

Reduce printed materials

  • For EuroPerio10, we aim to reduce 50% of the printed materials for the congress.

Reduce CO2

  • All delegates receive a public transport tickets with their registration. 
  • All speakers who must attend the congress via plane will carbon compensate their flights

Reduce waste & recycle

  • All EuroPerio printed materials will be made from recycled paper
  • The Congress lanyards will be made from recycled PET
  • We think before we print – we only print the essentials and are conscious about digital alternatives

Spread the word

  • EFP and EuroPerio are committed to sustainability but we need your support to make an impactful change: Join us and spread the message via #EFPlanet

These are of course only some of the initiatives we are taking to make EuroPerio10 more sustainable and we will regularly post updates of the organising committee and our PCO given you exclusive insights into the exact ways how we are making EuroPerio10 more sustainable. 

The move to make EuroPerio more sustainable is in line with the general EFP Sustainability Manifesto. Find out more about what EFP is doing more broadly to encourage sustainability and reduce waste, click here.

Thank you to our industry sustainability supporters

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