Responsible Periodontology

Responsible Periodontology is the new logo of the EFP that expresses our commitment to the dental community to create value in all our activities – from promoting disease prevention and healthy lifestyles to educational programmes and campaigns– with ethics, respect, and ensuring that all voices count.

“We are constantly striving to engage our national societies, partners, and
stakeholders to learn, understand, and adopt responsible and sustainable
attitudes and practices.”

Nicola West, EFP secretary general

Sustainability is more than an environmental issue – it is a broader challenge that affects everything and everyone on the planet. Sustainability means rethinking the way we act, the way professional organisations work, the way non-profit organisations work, and ultimately how the EFP expands its global strategy in an ethical manner. We are facing a watershed moment in the history of human evolution and occupancy of the planet, and while this is undoubtedly a time of instability it is also a time of great opportunity. We believe passionately that sustainability is a critical component of our portfolio and mission, and the future of long-term prosperity. Make sustainability our priority: small changes can have a big positive impact.

1. Engagement in our community

We will engage the perio community and encourage adoption of the EFP Sustainability Manifesto and Plan. We will talk about it with colleagues and share it within the perio and oral-health community, including with commercial partners/industry.

2. Travelling wisely

We will be coherent in our travelling. This means always considering whether a journey is necessary, whether it could be replaced by an online meeting, and choosing the forms of transport that have the least negative impact on the environment.

3. Making our events sustainable

Our congresses and events are showcases for EFP values and should adopt sustainable strategies and actions.

4. Thinking digital 1: online not airline

Technology is evolving all the time and can help us reduce our negative impact on the environment and provide sustainable solutions. We will use online meeting platforms whenever possible to avoid unnecessary business trips.

5. Thinking digital 2: a sustainable office

There are many steps we can take to make the office a more sustainable environment (recycling paper, printing less, switching off machines and lights when not used etc…)

6. Optimising efficiency 

We will establish professional procedures to optimise efficiency and maximise transparency in all aspects of the EFP to ensure an ethical and appropriate working environment in all aspects of management: travel, financial, communications, event organisation, sponsorship, etc.

7. Mentoring

We will mentor young people by guiding them towards a better future. We will seek to identify best practices in sustainability in the perio world and in other relevant sectors.