Clinical practice guideline for treatment of peri-implant diseases

Perio Workshop 2022 took place in La Granja, Spain on 6-9 November, 2022 and was chaired by David Herrera (chair, EFP's workshop committee), with Mariano Sanz as co-chair, and Tord Berglundh and Frank Schwarz as invited chairs.

It gathered around 75 world-class experts from 21 countries, who met to draw up a clinical practice guideline for the treatment of peri-implant diseases. Participants included periodontists from Europe, Australia, China, and the US, together with experts in other fields of dentistry and relevant stakeholders. 

They considered 13 systematic reviews on peri-implant health, prevention of peri-implant diseases, and treatment of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. Participants were divided in four working groups: 

  • Working group 1 on 'Peri-implant health and prevention', chaired by Iain Chapple and Søren Jepsen, evaluated two systematic reviews.
  • Working group 2 on 'Management of peri-implant mucositis', chaired by Mariano Sanz and Anton Sculean, discussed three systematic reviews.
  • Working group 3 on 'Non-surgical management of peri-implantitis', chaired by David Herrera, Moritz Kebschull, and Maurizio Tonetti, also covered three systematic reviews.
  • Working group 4 on 'Surgical management of peri-implantitis', chaired by Tord Berglundh, Panos Papapanou, and Frank Schwarz, examined five systematic reviews.

The aim of this workshop was to develop an S3-level clinical practice guideline to complement the ones issued on stage I-III periodontitis (drawn up at Perio Workshop 2019) and on stage IV periodontitis (drawn up at Perio Workshop 2021). The S3 level of clinical practice guidelines is the highest level and requires a rigorous process in terms of both methodology and procedure. 

Following the workshop, the resulting guideline was published in spring 2023 and, like its two predecessors, adopted by all EFP member societies for their own guidance.

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