Perio-Ortho Synergy

Please find the scientific programme below. 

Thursday (January 18, 2024)

12:00 Registration start
14:00 Pre-day Workshop

More information on the workshop, can be found here​​​​​​​.

Friday (January 19, 2024)

08:30 Introduction by the chairs of the congress (P. Preshaw, V. Monnet-Corti, J. Phua)
08:45 Orthodontic treatment in stage IV periodontitis (Moderator: B. Tan)
G. Alcoforado: Long-term results of orthodontic treatments in periodontal patients
M. Sanz + C. Martin: Combined periodontal and orthodontic therapy of the stage IV periodontitis patient with pathologic tooth migration
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Periodontal regeneration and orthodontics (Moderator: A. Yeo)
K. Jepsen: Periodontal regeneration and orthodontics - is there a best practice timing?
D. Cardaropoli + L. Gaveglio: Orthodontic movement into periodontal bony defects: clinical evidence
12:25 Lunch break
13:40 Dealing with missing teeth and facial growth (Moderator: S. Jepsen)
N. Winitsky: Single anterior implants and infraposition
F. Lambert*: Managing and preventing implant infra-position: a perio/prosth approach
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 The ortho-perio synergy to enhance smile esthetics (Moderator: L. B. Wong)
Y. C. Lai: Orthodontics for smile esthetics
G. Pelekos + F. She Tsang Tsang: From extrusion to intrusion and everything in between to rebuild the smile

Saturday (January 20, 2024)

08:30 Optimizing Orthodontic Outcomes: Digital Tools to prevent periodontal complications and 3D Teeth/Implant Positioning (Moderator: W. C. Tan)
T. Chackartchi: Periodontal phenotype evaluation and modification
C. Sola + H. Zadeh: Optimization of periodontal plastic surgical outcomes with combination of VISTA and Clear Aligner Therapy
10:05 Coffee Break
10:35 Orthodontics in Grade C Periodontitis: Younger Patients (Moderator: P. Preshaw)
M. Ong: Key considerations for interdisciplinary periodontal and orthodontic treatment
K. H. Poon + J. H. Fu: Combined orthodontic and periodontal management of patients with Grade C periodontitis
12:10 Lunch Break
13:25 Mucogingival surgery in orthodontically treated patients (Moderator: V. Monnet-Corti)
M. Teo: Challenging situations: explore the limits and possibilities
A. Sculean* + Ch. Katsaros: Interdisciplinary approach in the treatment of gingival recession in post-orthodontic patients
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Management of complex perio/ortho/implant cases: How far can we go? (Moderator: J. Phua)
C. W. Ang: Management of challenges in implantology: Synergistic perio-ortho-prosthodontic treatment in the aesthetic zone
M. Kudo: Contribution of digital technology in the treatment of complex cases combining periodontology, orthodontics and implantology
M. Roccuzzo: Comprehensive management of severe periodontal cases
17:20 Closing remarks
P. Preshaw, V. Monnet-Corti

* remote presentation


Alcoforado, Gil - Portugal
Ang, Chee Wan - Singapore
Cardaropoli, Daniele - Italy
Chackartchi, Tali - Israel
Fu, Jia Hui - Singapore
Gaveglio, Lorena - Italy
Jepsen, Karin - Germany
Jepsen, Søren - Germany
Katsaros, Christos - Switzerland
Poon, Kee Hwang - Singapore
Kudo, Motomu - Japan
Lai, Ye Choung - Singapore
Lambert, France - Belgium
Martin, Conchita - Spain
Monnet-Corti, Virginie - France
Ong, Marianne - Singapore
Pelekos, George - Hong Kong
Phua, Jonathan - Singapore
Preshaw, Philip - United Kingdom
Roccuzzo, Mario - Italy
Sanz, Mariano - Spain
Sculean, Anton - Switzerland
She Tsang Tsang, Franklin - Hong Kong
Sola, Christina - United States
Tan, Benjamin - Singapore
Tan, Wah Ching - Singapore
Teo, Marlene - Singapore
Winitsky, Nicole - Sweden
Wong, Li Beng - Singapore
Yeo, Alvin - Singapore
Zadeh, Homa - United States
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