Hard- and soft-tissue aesthetic reconstructions around teeth and dental implants
Current and future challenges

The official congress language is English.

Simultaneous translation to Spanish will be offered for AMP members only, if they are a valid member and are up to date on their annual fees. 

More information on the pre-day courses, taking place on Thursday, May 4, 2023 can be found here.


Friday (May 5, 2023)

08:30 Introduction by the chairs of the congress (A. Garcia, A. Sculean, Ch. R. Richardson)
08:50 Reconstructive concepts in intrabony defects (Moderator: A. Sculean)
  G. Rasperini: Periodontal regeneration in intrabony defects: an evidence based approach
  A. Stavropoulos: Combination approaches and long term results
10:00 Reconstructive concepts in furcation defects (Moderator: N. Donos)
  S. Jepsen: Periodontal regeneration in furcation: an evidence based approach
  F. Graziani: Periodontal regeneration in furcation: clinical applications
11:20 Coffee Break
11:45 Soft tissue defects around natural teeth (Moderator: P. Madianos)
  M. de Sanctis: Coverage of single and multiple recessions in the maxillary area
  A. Sculean: Coverage of single and multiple recessions in the mandibular area
  K. Jepsen: Autogenous tissue versus soft tissue replacement grafts?
13:30 Lunch break
14:45 Novel concepts: Outlook for the future (Moderator: A. Kantarci)
  D. Bozic: Combined periodontal and bone regeneration
  P. Windisch: Combined periodontal regeneration and vertical augmentation
  L. Shapira: Bone regeneration in the digital era
16:30 Coffee Break
17:05 Interactive case presentation (regenerative surgery vs. extraction and implant placement),(Moderator: M. Sanz)
  M. Goldstein: Case Presentation
  Discussion: (Panelists: P. Madianos, A. Stavropoulos, S. Aroca)
  M. Goldstein: Treatment of case presented
  M. Sanz: Summary of key messages
18:15 Welcome Reception

Saturday (May 6, 2023)

08:30 Socket grafting (Moderator: S. Robles)
  N. Mardas: Hard tissue grafting
  M. Goldstein: Soft tissue grafting
09:45 Ridge augmentation (Moderator: A. Stavropoulos)
  A. Rendón: Tissue augmentation and aesthetic implant placement
  N. Donos: Concepts for lateral augmentation
  M. Schlee: Concepts for vertical augmentation
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Soft tissue grafting to maintain peri-implant health (Moderator: C. Benitez)
  A. Stavropoulos: Soft tissue grafting to prevent biologic complications
  S. Aroca: during implant placement
  M. Sanz: after implant placement
13:45 Lunch Break
15:00 Complication management after reconstructive surgery at natural teeth and dental implants (Moderators: A. Rendón)
  Ch. R. Richardson: Complication management after reconstructive periodontal surgery
  G. Zucchelli: Complication management after plastic-esthetic surgery
  A. García: Management of implant complications in the esthetic area
  M. Hürzeler: Management of soft tissue complications at implants
17:05 Closing remarks
  A. Sculean, A. García


Aroca, Sofia - France
Benitez, Carlos - Mexico
Bozic, Darko - Croatia
De Sanctis, Massimo - Italy
Donos, Nikos - United Kingdom
García, Alejandro - Mexico
Goldstein, Moshe - Israel
Graziani, Filippo - Italy
Hürzeler, Markus - Germany
Jepsen, Karin - Germany

Jepsen, Søren - Germany
Kantarci, Alpdogan - United States
Madianos, Phoebus - Greece
Mardas, Nikos - United Kingdom
Rasperini, Giulio - Italy
Rendón, Alexandra - Mexico
Richardson, Chris R. - United States
Robles, Salvador - Mexico

Sanz, Mariano - Spain
Schlee, Markus - Germany
Sculean, Anton - Switzerland
Shapira, Lior - Israel
Stavropoulos, Andreas - Sweden
Windisch, Peter - Hungary
Zucchelli, Giovanni - Italy