Towards a more impactful EFP

Dear friend, dear colleague,

I am very grateful to be the president of the EFP after remarkable steps ahead made by my predecessors Darko Bozic, Andreas Stavropoulos, Lior Shapira, and those before them. Their dedication has set the stage for the progress we are poised to achieve, and our collective efforts have propelled the federation to new heights, establishing itself as the leading global voice in the scientific and clinical areas of periodontology and implant dentistry. This could not happen without the hard work of our 38 national member societies, the talent of the EFP committee members, and the support of our partners.

I remain steadfast in my commitment to inspire the EFP to move forward and I suggest we get there by boosting three strategic assets: our clinical guidelines, our periodontal education, and our young researchers.

Our high-quality guidelines will keep coming. Very soon we’ll have a new evidence-based consensus on education in periodontology, outlining the findings of Perio Workshop 2023. Next November, gingival diseases will be discussed, producing a guideline that will be published in about one year. In the pipeline, a guideline on mucogingival plastic surgery is expected to see the light by spring 2026.

Delivering the best possible training in perio is our responsibility. But teaching periodontal medicine effectively to our undergraduates, and educating, training and examining our specialists according to common, high-quality criteria is not enough: a lot can also be done at the intermediate level, that encompassing those part-time courses whose additional training can make a huge difference for many non-specialists.

We also need to better support our researchers, starting with the international mobility of the younger ones. As I personally know well, researching abroad is an exceptionally enriching experience and we plan to foster exchange, collaboration and interaction across universities and countries.

Preparation for EuroPerio11, in May 2025, and the next Perio Master Clinics, in 2026 and 2027, are in full swing, reflecting our commitment to excellence in education and science dissemination.

Let’s make the EFP even more impactful, fueled by our passion for oral health, our dedication to scientific advancement, and our unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of individuals worldwide. As our motto says, healthy gums for a better life!

Moritz Kebschull
President of the EFP

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