The EFP is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its foundation:

30 years of promoting periodontal science and clinical practice, 30 years of periodontal health for a better life.

We are proud of the outstanding level of collaboration and exchange we have achieved between the national societies of periodontology that make up the federation.

Over these 30 years, during which the EFP has grown from 11 members to 37, the federation has promoted evidence-based periodontal science for the benefit of professionals and patients across the world. It has raised awareness of gum health – and the crucial links between gum disease and systemic diseases – not only among dental and medical professionals but also among health authorities, the media, and the public. 

To commemorate these 30 years, the EFP has produced three videos and the commemorative magazine 30 years promoting periodontal health for a better life, in which the periodontists who have made all this possible share their memories and their vision for the future. They describe the bold and successful move to launch EuroPerio, the world’s leading congress in periodontology. They highlight the impact of the scientific consensus reached at the annual Perio Workshop and the importance of the federation’s work in university education. And they describe the EPP’s events, publications, campaigns, and much more…

Video series

Foundation and evolution of the EFP


EuroPerio as the global perio meeting point


30 years of projects at the service of gum health



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