Eager to keep yourself updated about the EFP, periodontology, and gum health while on the move? Download the EFP app for free and let your mobile phone or tablet become your new gateway to the perio environment.

Since 2018, the EFP's mobile application provides you with an alternative platform to easily navigate the EFP's content - besides its website.

The core of the app is its menu, packed with tiles granting you access to the dedicated app of the ongoing EuroPerio or Perio Master Clinic, but also to features like the Gum Health Self-test, the notifications you receive sometimes from us on urgent issues, and a selection of popular website sections, including the news, JCP Digest, the EFP Alumni, Gum Health Day, and the EFP's campaigns, publications, and social media profiles.

This app menu evolves all the time and sees its content being constantly updated, just as the website itself, so you can explore it when you want and the way you want through your mobile phone or tablet PC, both on Apple and Android platforms.

Download the EFP app to an Apple device     Download the EFP app to an Android device