Jūratė Žekonienė received her master’s degree in dentistry from the Medical Academy of Kaunas, Lithuania (now-Lithuanian University of Health Science)  in 1997 and completed her internship and postgraduate education at Vilnius University Hospital Zalgirio Clinic, where she qualified with her license in periodontology in 2000.

She has been invited as a speaker to a number of congresses, and has published multiple research papers and textbooks for Lithuanian students and dentists.

Dr Žekonienė is a lecturer at Vilnius University, where she is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education, primarily focusing on the areas of professional oralhygiene, non-surgical periodontal therapy, periodontal examination, and disease diagnostics, treatment planning, and prognosis.

She is the president of Lithuanian perio society and a council member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber, and also manages the polyclinic department of Vilnius University Hospital Zalgirio Clinic.

Dr Žekonienė’s research in the area of dental hygiene and aetiopathogenesis of periodontal disease focuses on the use of different approaches to maintain excellent oral health and motivation.

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