Perio & Family Doctors campaign

The Perio & Family Doctors campaign is a collaboration between the EFP and Wonca Europe.

The EFP thanks Curasept for its support and its unrestricted grant


The aim of the outreach campaign Perio & Family Doctors, a collaboration initiative between the EFP and Wonca Europe with support from Curasept, is to promote awareness of how dental and general medical practitioners can improve the healthcare they provide to their patients by taking into better account the synergies between periodontology and family medicine.

All the materials provided here have been created by an expert team based on the scientific consensus report produced by the Focused Workshop on Periodontology and Family Doctors and published in the EFP’s Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

The scientific experts responsible for the content of Perio & Family Doctors are Anton Sculean, Virginie Monnet-Corti, William Papaioannu, and Jūratė Žekonienė. The translations of the campaign materials to languages other than English have been provided by Nicky Beukers (Dutch), Zeineb Hamdi (French), Corinna Bruckmann (German), Martina Audagna (Italian), Susana Noronha (Portuguese), and Eugenia Huerta (Spanish).

The EFP thanks Curasept for its unrestricted grant, that has made possible the Perio & Family Doctors campaign possible.

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