The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) is the leading global voice on gum health and gum disease and the driving force behind EuroPerio – the most important international periodontal congress. It also organises Perio Workshop, a world-leading meeting on periodontal science, and Perio Master Clinic, an international conference for clinicians, as well as editing the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, one of the most authoritative scientific publications in this field.

The EFP comprises 30 national societies of periodontology which together represent about 14,000 periodontists, dentists, researchers, and other members of the dental team focused on improving periodontal science and practice. The EFP and its national societies organise the annual Gum Health Day (May 12) to increase public awareness of periodontal health.


Sunstar is a Japanese company founded in 1932 distributing services to over 90 countries. It is a leading company in the oral care business with its brands for consumer and professionals, GUM® and GUIDOR®, and it is always improving its products to achieve holistic health through better oral care. Sunstar is a key player in promoting innovation and research related to oral health.

It was one of the first companies to promote the relationship between oral health and general health. For many years, Sunstar has raised awareness around the two way relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes, and it is proud to partner with EFP to bring this link closer to the health professionals and patients.