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18 March 2022

Periodontal regenerative therapy using enamel matrix derivative ‘shows improvements regardless of patient age’

Categories: Clinical Practice, Communication

The study, carried out in Japan among patients aged between 22 and 85, found that the use of PRT with EMD resulted in significant clinical and radiographic improvements regardless of the age of the participants.

Multivariate analysis suggested that aging may be a contributing factor to post-operative reduction in pocket probing depth and gain in clinical attachment level after one year. However, after three years “this influence was no longer statistically significant.” Changes in radiographic bone-defect depth were not affected by aging.

Researchers concluded that while PRT with EMD was a successful procedure regardless of age, the aging process may slow down the rate of soft-tissue changes after treatment.

The research was summarised for JCP Digest by postgraduate students at the EFP-accredited programme in periodontology at Dublin Dental University Hospital, Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.


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