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6 November 2019

Czech perio society holds two-day scientific meeting

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Czech perio society holds two-day scientific meeting

The Czech Society of Periodontology held a scientific meeting covering a range of issues in periodontal clinical practice over the weekend of October 11-12 in the town of Mikulov in the Moravia region.

The main speaker at these “perio days” was Attila Horvath (Hungary), who discussed implants used by patients compromised by periodontitis, explaining in detail the problems of such patients and discussing possible risks according to the severity of damage to periodontal tissues, smoking, oral hygiene, general disorders, and patient compliance and co-operation.

He outlined treatment strategies, when and how to replace bone, and the approaches that offer long-term implant stability.

Another international speaker, Grzegor Romaskievisz (Poland), gave a presentation on bone splitting and bone spreading, discussing cases treated with non-traditional approaches to bone replacement, emphasising the need for biological methods and replacing periodontal defects exclusively using autologous bone, supported by titanium mesh held by micro-screws.

Petr Barták lectured on minimally invasive replacement of teeth, Marta Murgašová discussed co-operation between dentists and periodontists, and Eva Hlaváčková offered a comprehensive overview of immunology, focusing on immunopathology and immunodeficiency in the oral cavity and in oral mucosa.

Other topics included communication in the context of medicine (Ladislav Špaček) and there was a tribute by Jaroslav Černušák to the contribution to the society of its former chairman Ivo Dřizhal.

The society’s next “perio days” will take place on May 15 and 16, 2020 in Plzeň, Western Bohemia.


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