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Polish Society of Periodontology

The Polish Society of Periodontology.

from Statut :

The purpose of the Society is to support, promote prophylaxis, health and to develop scientific research, treatment methods, diagnostic tests for diseases of periodontium and oral mucosa.

In order to attain the objective, the Society may:
- Organize conferences and scientific meetings,
- Organize lectures,
- Organize courses and trainings,
- Organize exams confirming knowledge in a given field of periodontology,
- Organize scientific work competitions and award prizes,
- Conduct publishing activities in accordance with applicable regulations,
- Coordinate professional multimedia message concerning periodontology.

Medical University of Warsaw Head of Department of Periodontology Miodowa 18 Warsaw 00-246

+48 22 502 20 36

+48 22 502 20 36


Board committee

President Elzbieta Dembowska
Vice President Tomasz Konopka
Secretary Marta Czesnikiewicz-Guzik
Treasurer Aleksandra Karpisz-Więcek
Webmaster and Administrator marta metaxas
Vice-Secretary Jan Kowalski