At Ghent University a relatively young academic staff offers a 3-year clinically oriented program in Periodontology and Oral Implantology. The department is run by a program director and co-director supported by more than 10 part-time staff members who are clinically and/or scientifically active.

The mission of the program is to deliver Periodontists who:

  1. Can make a detailed periodontal diagnosis and treat advanced periodontal pathology
  2. Are able to make multidisciplinary treatment plans based on patients’ needs and the best available scientific evidence
  3. Can provide functional and aesthetic oral rehabilitation by means of dental implants
  4. Act in a deontological, critical and reflective way

The staff aims for this mission statement through theoretical education, clinical education and scientific research. The theoretical program (60 credits) includes general courses for all dental specializations and exclusive courses for the trainees in Periodontology. The latter is given by Professors and Doctors from the own department and by (inter)national speakers. The courses use various didactic methods of learning and cover all relevant topics in Periodontology, Oral Medicine and Implant Dentistry. Clinical topics are supported by historic and contemporary literature seminars lead by the program (co-)director.

Students spend the vast majority of their time in clinical practice (120 credits) at the University Hospital and in an accredited private periodontal practice. Treatment plans are prepared in detail and presented to academic staff members twice a week.

A “compendium for good clinical practice” was developed by the academic staff to assist students in evidencebased decision-making on critical topics in Periodontology and Oral Implantology. A master thesis based on novel research is considered an important part of the program.

Guided by the program (co-)director and other academic staff members, students perform a clinical study, observational study or systematic review based on their field of interest. At least one international publication in a peer-reviewed journal is considered the basis for the master thesis.

Requirements for enrolment:

  • Master’s degree in Dental Sciences received at a European University or a master’s degree in Dental Sciences fully equivalent to a European degree
  • Since patient communication is in Dutch every student needs to be able to speak the language fluently prior to the start of the program. Level 5 is a strict criterion.

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Staff members:

Program Director: Professor Dr. Jan Cosyn

C. Heymanslaan 10 9000



Secretary: 09/3324017

Contact information:


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