The Department of Periodontology and Oral Surgery is a training center in periodontology and implant dentistry with a well-established tradition of welcoming postgraduate students. The post-graduate program in Periodontology and Implant dentistry of the University of Liège is designed for students graduated in Dental Medicine who want to pursue a career in Periodontics and Oral Implants dentistry. It is a 3-year full time program (4 years for EU students) providing the students the opportunity to develop periodontics knowledge’s by intensive clinical activity and extensive learning in periodontology.

Recognized as a center of excellence in the fields of periodontology, implantology and oral-dental surgery, the Department of Periodontology, Oral and Implantsurgery of the University of Liège offers state-of-the-art, high quality treatments to maintain and restore the oral-dental health. Under the aegis of a team of highly qualified and competent professional senior periodontists, postgraduate students can rely on experience and knowledge to train them withall facets of the organization of a specialist periodontal practice and to give the opportunity to take part in all practice activities. Following the EFP quality standards, the postgraduate students are supervised by a senior periodontist for patient treatments.

Didactic learning: Theoretical courses and literature seminars

The scientific and clinicalknowledge in periodontology and implant dentistry will be provided by various didactic methods of learning such as active chair side assistance of experienced periodontists, theoretical lectures, comprehensive literature seminars, and extra-curricular congresses and conferences.

The first year focuses on diagnosis, prevention, treatment planning, periodontal initial therapy and oral surgery (wisdom teeth and orthondontic-related surgeries). In the second year, the students can proceed with periodontal, muco-gingival and pre-prosthodontic surgeries as well as implant placement under the active supervision of a senior periodontist. In the third year, the students are expected to perform the surgical procedures independently (always under supportive supervision) except for implant and bone surgeries still remaining under active supervision. Additionally, the third yearstudents have a mandatory internship in an accredited private periodontal practice one half day per week.

Research component

The program offers research training led by scientific experts. Students are required to undertake:

  • An «initiation» research project: ongoing clinical research project in order to learn about the research methodologies. The principal investigator of the project acts as a tutor / research mentor.
  • A main project research: The students have to choose a master thesis topic and are requested to start developing the research protocol together with a research tutor. One day per week is dedicated to prepare and manage the research project. This research article has to be submitted 6 months before the end of the studies and the scientific project is defended publicly.

It’s three years where I learned the basis of my future profession. This program gave me the autonomy ina professional and intellectual level.

Brieuc Hanozin (graduated in 2019)

This program allowed me to grow and have a critical spirit regarding the clinical cases and scientific research.

Marianzela Alexopoulou (graduated in 2020)

Applying to this program was an adventure and a constant rollercoaster. I learned a lot, I improved my skills and I made a new family, my perio family.

Bruno De Carvalho (graduated in 2017)

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