Postgraduate Program in Periodontology, University of Turin

This programme was accredited by the EFP in November 2017. It offers the students the possibility to treat patients with a multidisciplinary approach thanks to the cooperation with the other Departments of the Dental School (Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Orthodontics and Gnatology, Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery, Prosthetic Dentistry).

Other strong points of the programme are:

  • Possibility to develop research projects in any field of basic science due to the powerful and equipment available in the University.

  • Opportunity to develop research projects in periomedicine since the Dental School is part of one of the most important national hospitals.

In order to reach the clinical excellence our clinical learning path has the following strong points:

  • Preclinical activity that enables students to perform on simulators and animal models all the non-surgical and surgical procedures under the supervision of clinical tutors.

  • Each clinical case is completely documented and step-by-step collegially discussed (diagnosis, non-surgical therapy, surgical therapy) under the guidance of the Program Director (twice a week).

  • Operative microscope

  • Supervision of all the clinical procedures by a clinical tutor.

The Italian EFP Master at the Dental School University in Turin was for all of us as to be part of a big family. You are followed and guided from the treatment plan to the most complex surgeries. Three years have flown. To date all our clinical maturity that we show day by day in our private practice is the result of teachings and advices of tutors, professors and friends. It’s a demanding journey but we did it absolutely in good and friendly atmosphere!

Dr. Federico Deli (graduate)

During the past three years, I gladly got enrolled in the periodontology program at the University of Turin, and shortly after, my whole idea about dentistry was changed.
The program is well organized and it takes care about all the details, from diagnosis, treatment planning, didactic lessons and case presentations to complex periodontal treatments, periodontal surgeries, and implant therapy.

The program planning is very intensive and there were always supervisors and clinical tutors along with professor Aimetti to help with any issues or clinical difficulties. Coming from a totally different lingual background, I didn’t have any problems since all the lessons, case discussions and exams were held in English.

These three years positively changed me on the professional level not only as a periodontist, but also as a medical practitioner bringing my skills and knowledge to a much higher level.

Dr. Ahmad Bebars (graduate)

The EFP program in Turin is a path though which you grow and you learn how to treat the patient as a whole. In these years you study, you work hard and you understand the importance of our profession. Furthermore you meet specialists in the subject with experience and knowledge who will teach you how to deal with different cases.

Dr. Virginia Lorenzetti (current student)

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Secretary of the Postgraduate Didactic Program (Department of Periodontology - C.I.R. Dental School, University of Turin, Italy)

Monday-Friday 9 AM-1 PM:
phone/fax: +39 011.6331546/1506

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