EFP societies

EFP societies


Portuguese Society of Periodontology and Implantology

Sociedade Portuguesa de Periodontologia e Implantologia

Alexandre Santos
Portuguese Society of Periodontology and Implantology
Avenida de Portugal, Lote 7 - piso 1, loja 27
4300-100 Carnaxide
T: +351214180922
M: +351214180922
W: http://www.sppi.pt
New Board of the Portuguese Society of Periodontology

At the General Assembly of the Portuguese Society of Periodontology, held on March 2017, in Lisbon, the following Board Officers were elected, for a three-year period. PRESIDENT Prof. Susana Noronha VICE-PRESIDENTS Prof. Cristina Trigo Cabral Prof. Orlando Martins IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Prof. Ricardo Faria Almeida SECRETARIES GENERAL Dr. Francisco Brandão de Brito Dr. Tony Rolo TRESURER Dr. Alexandre Santos EFP REPRESENTATIVE Prof. Ricardo Faria Almeida

President: Susana Noronha
Vice-President: Cristina Trigo Cabral
Vice-President: Orlando Martins
Treasurer: Alexandre Santos
Secretary: Francisco Brandão de Brito
Secretary: Tony Rolo
Immediate Past President & EFP Representative: Ricardo Faria Almeida

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