This presentation will introduce the guideline development process and focus on Step 1 of periodontal treatment, highlighting behaviour change, risk factors and their management, and PMPR.


Learning Outcomes:

Understand the evidence base for step-1 treatment recommendations and why these recommendations may sometimes differ from the evidence base.


Speaker: Iain Chapple

Moderator: Spyros Vassilopoulos


Webinar Aims

  • To introduce the audience to the 1st S3-level international evidence based guidelines in Dentistry.
  • To explain the recommendation process and those recommendations within Step-1 of treatment.


Iain Chapple

Iain Chapple is professor of Periodontology and head of the School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham, UK. He is a former scientific editor of the British Dental Journal and the Journal of Periodontal Research and is currently associate editor of the Journal Clinical Periodontology and Periodontology 2000. He has written seven textbooks and 16 book chapters.

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Cost: €35.00 Ex. VAT

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