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28 April 2022

Build your own ‘Treat your gums’ campaign for Gum Health Day 2022 – the EFP’s innovative approach to raising health awareness

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Build your own ‘Treat your gums’ campaign for Gum Health Day 2022 – the EFP’s innovative approach to raising health awareness

Organised around the slogan of “Treat your gums”, the key message of Gum Health Day 2022 on May 12 is to tell the public of the harmful effects of all forms of gum disease – gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implantitis – on both oral and overall health.

The campaign – brainchild of Gum Health Day coordinator Moritz Kebschull – calls for the prevention, early detection, and effective treatment of gum diseases. It emphasises the important role of well-informed clinicians, highlighting the current (2018) classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases and conditions and the EFP’s clinical practice guidelines for treating periodontitis.

The tool devised to help drive home this message is the “campaign builder”, which allows the creation customized layouts for posters and social media posts around the slogan “Treat your gums”.


This custom-content generator allows users to select the material they like from within the builder. The core messages can be displayed in 21 different languages and logos can be added to the material by the national societies and other participants in the campaign.

This tool is designed to be easy to use and is being made available not only to the EFP’s 37 affiliated societies but also to dental practices, universities, and any organisation or individual that wishes to disseminate the message of “Treat your gums”.

"We have learned that, in order to reach our patients, we can best achieve this via customised messages transported by us perio people to our local network,” said Moritz Kebschull. “And this is exactly what the campaign builder delivers: choose a combination you like, in your language, with your national society and your personal logo!"

In the coming days, the EFP will start to disseminate the Gum Health Day 2022 campaign on its social-media platforms. It invites the national societies and other supporters to reshare content using the #TreatYourGums and #GumHealthDay. Also, on May 12, there will be a live session on Instagram with representatives of national societies to share the initiatives they are developing.