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24 June 2024

Czech Perio Days: a comprehensive overview of advances in periodontology

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Czech Perio Days

The Czech Periodontology Society hosted its annual meeting, Perio Days, at Darovanský Dvůr on 24-25 May 2024. This event brought together leading experts in periodontology to discuss cutting-edge research, techniques, and treatments. The highlight of the meeting was the keynote address by Professor Anton Sculean from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Keynote presentation

The keynote presentation was delivered by Professor Anton Sculean. Titled "The Bernese concept of soft tissue defects around teeth and implants," the lecture focused on advanced mucogingival surgery techniques tailored to various anatomical phenotypes. Sculean detailed the indications for using specific surgical methods, emphasising the tunnelling technique with modified coronally advanced flaps and laterally advanced flaps for covering gingival recessions.

One of the notable aspects of his talk was the comprehensive explanation of palatal graft harvesting techniques, supported by detailed photographs and step-by-step videos. Sculean highlighted the importance of pre-surgery and post-surgery care and the critical cooperation between periodontists and orthodontists, particularly in managing orthodontic tooth movements followed by periodontal surgery. He presented clinical cases demonstrating the long-term stability of multiple gingival recession coverage using tunnelling methods.

Addressing the issue of exposed implants in the anterior jaws, Sculean underscored the necessity of precise planning and optimal implant positioning concerning hard and soft tissues. He proposed several solutions, providing a thorough understanding of how to manage these complex cases effectively.


Other notable presentations

Professor Josef Zámečník from the Charles University Faculty of Medicine in Prague delivered a compelling lecture on "Modern predictive pathology and targeted oncology therapy." He emphasised the importance of individualised treatment plans based on histology, molecular diagnostics, immunohistochemistry, and DNA sequencing. Professor Zámečník stressed the critical role of prevention in high-frequency tumours, highlighting its potential to save lives.

Focused on "Diseases of the tongue," the presentation by Doctor Peter Augustin from Brno began with an overview of the tongue's anatomy and morphology. He presented pathological changes and the most common tongue diseases, illustrating the tongue as a "mirror" of overall body health. His discussion included viral diseases like hand, foot, and mouth disease, gingivostomatitis herpetica, and infectious mononucleosis, as well as hyperkeratotic lesions, leucoplakias, and various carcinomas, along with their possible therapies.

Doctor Martin Tomeček from Prague addressed "Difficult medical cases: from the beginning to the end in the time of digital technologies." He showcased modern digital technologies used for analysis, evaluation, planning, dental reparative work, and bone and mucogingival surgery. Dr Tomeček presented detailed clinical cases of bone and soft tissue augmentation, highlighting the significant improvements in outcomes made possible by digital technologies. He demonstrated solutions for complex horizontal and vertical bone defects using extensive photographic documentation.

On behalf of the Czech Periodontology Society, Michal Kania expressed gratitude to all speakers and participants for their contributions to the success of the event.

The next Perio Days will be held in Olomouc on 4,5 October 2024.

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