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21 February 2023

EFP appeal to support relief efforts in Turkey and Syria

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Help the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

As Turkey is affected by new shocks following the devastating earthquake on 6 February that left 26 million people exposed, the EFP launches a donation campaign today via the WHO Foundation, in support of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) flash appeal for Turkey and Syria.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Turkey and Syria at this very difficult time,” says Andreas Stavropoulos, President of the EFP. “In the face of the terrible suffering and extensive damages we see on the news daily we may feel helpless. As a Federation representing health professionals, we found it natural to join forces with the WHO Foundation to bring aid to those most in need and assist the rebuilding of damaged health facilities,” states Stavropoulos.

“On a personal note, this situation brings back memories of my mother’s town on the Greek island of Zakynthos that was destroyed 70 years ago by an earthquake. I grew up listening to dramatic stories about those events. The scale of devastation in Turkey and Syria is unimaginable, a real tragedy. I hope we will all feel moved to contribute in order to relieve people’s suffering.”

The EFP President urges: “Our Federation calls on its members to support the WHO relief efforts in the affected region by donating to the WHO Foundation, an independent Swiss foundation affiliated to the World Health Organisation. We have set a goal of 30.000 € to be raised in collaboration with the EFP National Societies. “If every member of our federation contributes to the appeal, it would amount to 2€ per person,” says Stavropoulos, “I am sure we can do more.”

 Join the relief effort for Turkey and Syria