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31 May 2022

EFP launches newsletter with its partners focusing on sustainability

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EFP launches newsletter with its partners focusing on sustainability

Under the heading “From gums to green – making oral health sustainable”, the newsletter features interviews with representatives of the EFP’s seven partners – Dentaid, Oral-B, Colgate, Straumann, GSK, Curasept, and Philips – about the moves they are making to make sustainability part of their business.

The newsletter also includes interviews with EFP secretary general Nicola West about the federation’s commitment to sustainability and with Swiss periodontist Christoph Ramseier about how to make dental practices more sustainable.

In her interview, Prof. West explains how a strategy meeting in Brussels in 2019 led to the creation of the EFP Sustainability Manifesto and a commitment to working on sustainability with the federation’s member societies, its partners, and the dental profession as a whole.

“We recognised a sustainable approach is often lacking in the dental community, and as we are an oral-health organisation we are championing sustainability across dentistry as a whole,” she explains. “We would like to integrate sustainability across everything we do – it is not about doing things cheaply, it is about value, and trying to make our planet last longer.”

Monique Danser, the EFP treasurer who is responsible for the federation’s relationship with its partners, added that it was “quite impressive” what these companies were already doing in terms of implementing sustainability.

“Recycling, optimising, and reducing waste are just a few of things mentioned, and in travelling, organising, and thinking I read a very positive attitude,” she said. “We are all striving to work with a minimal impact on the planet by taking climate action, driving the transition to a circular economy, and partnering with companies to reduce the environmental footprint.”


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