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28 February 2024

EFP partner news: creation of Straumann® Regenerative Solutions

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EFP Executive Committee and Straumann representatives


EFP partner Straumann recently transitioned its biomaterials business by shifting from product focused Straumann® Biomaterials to the holistic Straumann® Regenerative Solutions approach. Arik Zucker, Global Head of Regenerative Solutions explains this move, as well as the new solutions for oral health professionals.

EFP: What was the driving force behind the creation of Straumann® Regenerative Solutions?
Arik Zucker: Every now and then you have to stop and ask yourself whether you are still up to date: do our offerings still meet the needs of our customers and patients? We have recognised that a new approach and new technologies are required to deliver on the promise of customer focus and excellence. A key driver of the shift from product focused Straumann® Biomaterials to the holistic approach of Straumann® Regenerative Solutions was the recent acquisition of GalvoSurge Dental AG. We are now well equipped to meet the increasing demand for peri-implantitis treatments and protect patients from implant loss. 

EFP: Before we talk about what’s behind Straumann® Regenerative Solutions, we would like to know what makes GalvoSurge® so special?
AZ: Treating peri-implant diseases is a challenge. Recently established guidelines such as the comprehensive consensus paper Prevention and treatment of peri-implant diseases - the EFP S3-level clinical practice guideline, contribute to a common understanding of the definition, pathophysiology, and management of peri-implant diseases. However, many currently used treatment methods fail to achieve reliable and predictable results. The GalvoSurge® technology will set the new standard with its disruptive approach to treat peri-implantitis. In just two minutes GalvoSurge® effectively removes bacterial biofilm from dental implants, resulting in fully decontaminated implant surfaces that are ready for re-osseointegration. Although still in the beginning, clinical mid-term results are above expectations.

EFP: Please explain the underlying mode of action of GalvoSurge® in more detail.

AZ: The biofilm, one of the main causes of the inflammatory response in the peri-implant tissue, and all connected microorganisms are reliably removed in just one step. This is done by controlled application of low voltage to the metallic implant and simultaneous application of an electrolytic solution. The resulting electrolytic reaction generates small hydrogen bubbles directly on the implant surface which “push” the biofilm away from the surface. Hence, cleaning happens directly on the surface, removing the “evil of the biofilm from the root” instead of just penetrating parts of the biofilm from the outside. It is also of note that the prosthetic connection is decontaminated simultaneously.

EFP: You mentioned clinical results. Can you elaborate?

AZ: Sure. There are peer-reviewed, published clinical studies which looked for example at the treatment of peri-implantitis with electrolytic cleaning versus mechanical and electrolytic cleaning (PMID: 34441770). Bosshardt and team focused on the re-osseointegration after electrolytic cleaning and regenerative therapy of peri-implantitis in humans (PMID: 35244779). We are also highly interested in customer experiences as they represent the real world of this treatment: Algirdas Puišys recently published the two-year follow-up success of his treatment of peri-implantitis with GalvoSurge®. And Alberto Monje focused on the results of peri-implantitis treatment with GalvoSurge® in the aesthetic zone.

EFP: What else supported the transition to Straumann® Regenerative Solutions?

AZ:  Straumann® Regenerative Solutions is our contribution to provide tailored and scientifically backed solutions for simple to complex cases around tooth preservation, implant-site management, and implant preservation. Next year we celebrate 30 years of tooth preservation with Straumann® Emdogain®. Over 1000 publications since its introduction in 1995, support its benefits for the regeneration of periodontal tissues and enhanced wound healing. We are currently selecting long-term clinical follow-up cases, from simple to complex treatments. These cases form the basis for a treatment guide – from practitioners for practitioners – which will be published next year. We are still collecting clinical cases… so if anyone is interested in collaborating, please let us know!

EFP: What about implant-site management? What does this mean and what is the innovation here?

AZ: Simply put and as many like to say: “no bone, no implant”. We go a step further as the right amount of hard and soft tissue is the key to successful dental implant placement. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of biomaterials to support tissue regeneration. A new highlight is the introduction of cerabone®plus. We call it “sticky bone out of a blister” as it combines the established bovine bone graft material cerabone® and sodium hyaluronate, a water-soluble form of hyaluronic acid. Upon contact with saline or blood, it forms a sticky bone graft material, facilitating handling by allowing both easy uptake and delivery to the bony defect.

EFP: Thank you, Arik, for sharing your news and for your support of the EFP.


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