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10 June 2022

EFP’s international associate members feature in EuroPerio10 symposia on periodontal and implant therapy

Two symposia on periodontal therapy and implant therapy around the world have been organised with the federation’s international associate members.

Representatives from five of these member societies – those of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Lebanon, and Taiwan – will participate in these 90-minute sessions on the opening day of EuroPerio10 in Auditorium 15 at the Bella Center.

At 13.30, the symposium “Periodontal therapy step by step around the world” begins. Chaired by EFP secretary general Nicola West (UK), the session focuses on the four steps of therapy outlined in the EFP’s S3-level clinical practice guideline on the treatment of periodontitis stages I-III. It will explore national guidance and patients’ expectations of the management of periodontal diseases.

Magda Feres (Brazil) will discuss non-surgical therapy, Sérgio Kahn (Brazil) will address surgical therapy, Constanza Pontarolo (Argentina) will explore mucogingival surgery, and Lisa Heitz-Mayfield (Australia) will give a presentation on supportive periodontal care.

At 15.15, the second symposium – “Implant therapy step by step around the world” – begins, with EFP president Andreas Stavropoulos (Denmark) in the chair. This session will emphasise the importance of soft-tissue management to long-term peri-implant health, exploring the choice of surgical techniques and materials for achieving both good aesthetic outcomes and reducing the risks of biological complications. It will look at the use of new biomaterials and clinical techniques to enhance the interface between the implant and the peri-implant mucosa.

Alain Romanos (Lebanon) will describe the “battle” between connective tissue grafts (CTG) and acellular dermal matrices (ADM) in immediate implant placement, Teresa Chanting Sun (Taiwan) will explain the key role of periodontists in the prevention of peri-implant diseases and conditions, and Saso Ivanovski (Australia) will highlight the importance of soft-tissue integration and how it can be achieved.

The EFP welcomed its first international associate members in 2018 and there are now eight: the Argentinian Society of Periodontology, the Australian Society of Periodontology, the Brazilian Society of Periodontology, the Lebanese Society of Periodontology, the Mexican Association of Periodontology, the Society of Periodontology Singapore, the Taiwan Academy of Periodontology, and the Uruguayan Society of Periodontology.

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