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12 February 2024

Goethe University master’s programme in periodontology receives EFP accreditation

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Goethe University EFP-accredited programme

The Centre for Dentistry and Oral Medicine of Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, has been accredited by the EFP for its master’s programme in periodontology. The accreditation positions the postgraduate programme among the elite EFP-accredited courses.

An EFP-accredited programme is a hallmark of excellence in periodontal education. It spans three years (full-time) and includes 180 European Credits (ECTS). Offered in accredited dental schools or postgraduate centres, these programmes equip students with the skills to practice periodontology and surgical oral implant therapy at a specialist level. 

The programme incorporates three essential components:

  1. Clinical training: students gain proficiency in all diagnostic and therapeutic areas of periodontology, including surgical aspects of implant therapy. The training, conducted in collaboration with various clinical departments, ensures that graduates are adept at treating complex multidisciplinary cases.
  2. Didactic courses: the curriculum comprises lectures, seminars, tutorials, group discussions, and extensive literature review, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of periodontology.
  3. Research training: each student undertakes a research project, culminating in a report suitable for publication in an English-language international peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Why choose an EFP-accredited programme?

Pursuing an EFP-accredited programme, such as the one now offered at Goethe University, provides several advantages:

  • Access to high standards of education, intellectual challenges, and effective clinical training
  • Inclusion in the EFP-accredited postgraduate international network
  • Continuous self-evaluation and improvement of clinical and learning practices
  • Opportunities for exchange programmes with other accredited universities
  • International peer recognition

The EFP, committed to enhancing periodontal practice quality in Europe, mandates that all accredited programmes adhere to stringent quality standards. These standards ensure harmonisation of periodontal training across different universities, each with their unique educational approaches. 

The Goethe University programme

Under the guidance of director Professor Peter Eickholz and co-director Doctor Hari Petsos, the programme at Goethe University offers a robust and comprehensive training experience, including:

  • Managing and treating various periodontal cases with increasing complexity
  • Continuous case presentations and discussions of scientific literature
  • Practical workshops and participation in national and international congresses
  • Individual research projects aimed at publication in peer-reviewed international journals

Nikos Donos, chair of the EFP Postgraduate Education Committee, expressed his enthusiasm: "The EFP is delighted to accredit the Goethe University's master’s programme in periodontology. There are currently 24 accredited dental schools providing the EFP Postgraduate Programme in Periodontology. The programme ensures graduates are well-prepared for specialist roles in periodontology and implant therapy. We are sure that the outstanding Centre for Dentistry and Oral Medicine of Goethe University in Frankfurt will make this collaboration a success."

Students enrolling in Goethe University’s programme can expect a rigorous, well-rounded education that not only imparts knowledge but also hones the practical skills essential for a successful career in periodontology and implant therapy. With the backing of the EFP, Goethe University is poised to set new standards in dental education.


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