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17 June 2024

Gum Health Day 2024: a global celebration of healthy smiles

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Gum Health Day 2024: a global celebration of healthy smiles

From Argentina to Poland and beyond, Gum Health Day 2024 (GHD) rocked! Various initiatives took place across the globe to create a culture of gum health awareness. From a “run for gums” in Italy, to bringing mobile dental units into town in Croatia, to creating social media buzz in Colombia, publishing papers, media coverage from TV and other outlets, and sitting down with the public on a popular promenade on a Saturday morning, EFP member societies used their creativity and resources to ensure gum health was given the attention it deserves.

Our heartfelt thanks to every single volunteer who contributed to the success of this year’s campaign. You rock!

Mia Rakić, Gum Health Day 2024 co-ordinator, celebrated this year’s “fresh and innovative” programmes. She said: “EFP members got really involved, and lay media showed great interest, which is huge for raising awareness about gum health. This inventiveness contributed significantly to the campaign's success.”

Many international societies were involved for the first time. Rakić highlights: “They created incredible events and there was a huge presence on social media everywhere, especially in Latin America. Also, the EFP launched its presence on TikTok focusing on patients.”

International celebrations

Here are a few examples of initiatives that highlight member society engagement and the success of the Gum Health Day 2024 campaign.


The Argentine Society of Periodontology actively participated in Gum Health Day (and week!) throughout the country. They organised talks on gum care addressed to the general population in public squares, dental circles, faculties of dentistry, and public health institutions. Digital information was widely disseminated through their website, Instagram, Facebook, and institutional WhatsApp groups.


The diverse population and the presence of top-tier medical facilities in cities like Brussels, Liège, Ghent, and Leuven made them ideal locations for Gum Health Day initiatives in Belgium. A collaboration between periodontists and dental hygienists – supported by sponsors - helped promote oral health and hygiene, but also raise awareness about periodontal disease in the main halls of major hospitals. These efforts involved on-site periodontal screenings by dental hygienists, providing valuable health insights to the public.


The Colombian Association of Periodontology (ACPO) organised face-to-face and social media activities targeting both oral health professionals and the public. For professionals, they shared information on the link between periodontal disease and non-communicable diseases like Alzheimer's, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. For the public, they ran campaigns such as #GumsRock and "Take care of your gums: Healthy mouth, healthy body," in partnership with various organisations.


In Split and Zagreb, activities spanned from May 11 to 13. Volunteers engaged with citizens in popular city spots, discussing how to control risk factors and improve general health. Dental students played a crucial role, and the events received significant media coverage, including national TV interviews. They also conducted educational programs for children and adults, focusing on improving oral hygiene and prevention.


The Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology (SIDP) organised multiple activities. They published a paper on their website, shared updates on social media, and held the “Run for gums” in Florence during their Spring meeting. The event saw enthusiastic participation, with many joining the run to promote gum health and healthy lifestyles.

Moving forward

Gum Health Day 2024 demonstrated the power of global alliances and collaboration, and the importance of innovative approaches to oral health awareness. By involving a wide range of participants and using diverse media channels, the campaign successfully highlighted the critical role of gum health in overall well-being. “The EFP looks forward to building on this momentum in the coming years, and maybe even prolonging the campaign, continuing to promote gum health worldwide,” concluded Rakić.

Interview with Mia Rakić