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2 August 2022

JCP Digest collections are published in seven languages

Categories: Clinical Practice, Communication

JCP Digest collections are published in seven languages

The JCP Digest Collection: 2021 series is now avaialble for download in the members’ section of the EFP website.

This compendium of key research in periodontology and implant dentisry – selected to be relevant to clinicians – is avaialble in seven languages: Croatian, English, French, Germany, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The articles cover:

  1. Healing of periodontal infrabony defects following regenerative surgery.
  2. Dimensional changes of newly established keratinised tissue following free gingival grafts.
  3. Healing of compromised alveoli over six months: is ridge preservation worth it?
  4. Probing dental impants with or without prostheses?
  5. Short versus long implants combined with osteotome sinus-floor elevation: three-year results.
  6. Correlation between dental-plaque accumulation and gingival health in periodontal-maintenance patients.
  7. How does systemic antibiotic therapy affect the outcome of non-surgical peri-implantitis treatment?
  8. Using a tissue-engineered biocomplex for periodontal regeneration.
  9. Are periodontal pathogens no longer susceptible to antibiotic therapy?
  10. How timing of orthodontic therapy affects outcomes of regenerative periodontal surgery.
  11. Short implants: two adjacent or a single implant with a cantilever?
  12. Full-mouth or quadrant-wise instrumentation in treating stage III and IV periodontitis?

The EFP encourages people to download the JCP Digest Collection and share it with co-workers and students.

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