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17 November 2022

L-PRF ‘not shown to enhance alveolar-ridge preservation’

Categories: Clinical Practice, Communication

L-PRF ‘not shown to enhance alveolar-ridge preservation’

A clinical trial, now summarised as JCP Digest 105, put that assumption to the test, comparing the local release pattern of growth factors, early wound healing, and changes in alveolar-ridge dimensions in extraction sockets that received L-PRF for alveolar-ridge preservation and in naturally healing sockets.

The study, performed at the University of Hong Kong, found that L-PRF did not alter the growth-factor profile, although it did provide higher local concentrations in wound fluid. However, this did not translate into enhanced soft-tissue healing or provide any clinical benefit.

The healing pattern did not differ between groups involved in this intra-individual randomised controlled clinical trial, with a five-month follow-up.The researchers said that more studies were needed to clarify the biological activity of the elevated growth-factor concentration in wound fluid when L-PRF is applied and its possible impact on alveolar-ridge preservation.


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