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13 June 2022

Long-term study shows M-MIST approach successful in treating intrabony defects with or without regenerative material

Categories:Clinical Practice, Communication

A 10-year follow-up of a randomised controlled trial, now summarised as JCP Digest 102, sought to compare the long-term stability of outcomes using the M-MIST technique alone and in combination with enamel matrix derivative (EMD) and bone-mineral-derived xenograft (BMDX).

Researchers Pierpaolo Cortellini, Simone Cortellini, Daniele Bonaccini, and Maurizio S. Tonetti found that teeth presenting intrabony defects associated with deep pockets can be successfully treated with an M-MIST approach, whether or not regenerative material is also used.

They also concluded that avoiding regenerative material provides the same short- and long-term benefits as a regenerative approach with biomaterials but at a lower cost.

The research was summarised for JCP Digest by postgraduate students at the EFP-accredited programme in periodontology at the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.