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4 March 2020

Perio Master Clinic 2020: Dublin is showcase for advances in regeneration

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Perio Master Clinic 2020 begins in Dublin on Friday March 6 offering two days of expert presentations and interactive discussions on the current and future challenges of hard- and soft-tissue reconstruction around teeth and dental implants.

The EFP-organised meeting brings together 37 expert speakers who will tackle topics including reconstructive concepts for intrabony and furcation defects, soft-tissue defects around teeth, ridge augmentation, and socket grafting.

There will be a session on novel concepts in regeneration and two interactive sessions, where participants can use the EFP App to ask questions and vote – the first a case presentation considering reconstructive surgery versus extraction and implant placement and the second on complication management after reconstructive surgery.

“This is the only major international conference this year providing a complete overview of the latest in regenerative procedures,” said Declan Corcoran, chair of Perio Master Clinic 2020.

He highlighted improvements in surgical techniques, developments in biologics, and stem-cell research that will help periodontists in the future to regenerate bone and gum tissue to improve their patients’ oral health and quality of life.

“As life expectancy grows, our patients need to maintain their masticatory function and aesthetics for a longer period of time,” added Anton Sculean, scientific chair of Perio Master Clinic 2020. “Thus, tooth maintenance becomes extremely important not only to ensure function and aesthetics, but also to minimise the costs related to the extensive reconstructions that are necessary in the event of loss of teeth and associated hard and soft tissues.”

The two-day master clinic, at the Royal Dublin Society, is preceded by a day of workshops on Thursday, March 5 where participants will be able to work closely with leading experts in sessions covering mucogingival aesthetic surgery, novel regenerative concepts using dermal matrices, the “Bernese” concept for treating soft-tissue defects, and a pragmatic approach to managing peri-implantitis.

A few speakers are unfortunately not able to travel and will therefore pre-record their lectures, which will be shown on site. Those lecturers will be available during the sessions via a live stream to follow up directly via the session moderators any questions about their presentations.

Perio Master Clinic 2020 is the fourth master clinic organised by the EFP, following those in Paris (2014), Malta (2017), and Hong Kong (2019).