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22 November 2023

Perio & Ortho: a preview of International Perio Master Clinic 2024 in Singapore

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IPMC 2024 in Singapore

Prof. Virginie Monnet-Corti, scientific chair of International Perio Master Clinic 2024 gave us a sneak preview into the event.

Prof. Monnet-Corti explained what sets this meeting apart: "its focus on the unique combination of periodontics and orthodontics, coupled with state-of-the-art technologies and recent research findings." Adapting to current challenges, the event incorporates virtual elements for a global audience.

Here are her answers to frequently asked questions:

Why is "perio & ortho" an important subject for periodontists to explore?

Perio & Ortho are vital as both disciplines work on the same periodontal tissues, synergistically maintaining or improving periodontal health. This exploration is essential for patients with a history of Stage IV periodontitis, aiming to restore masticatory function. Through an understanding of the interactions between these two disciplines, the periodontist can better meet the needs of their patients.

Why would a periodontist want to travel to Singapore for this meeting?

Traveling to Singapore offers a unique opportunity to immerse in a vibrant, multicultural city while accessing world-class dental education, providing an international perspective on periodontology and orthodontics.

Are there cutting-edge technologies or innovations showcased at the meeting, and how will they impact dentistry?

The meeting presents advanced imaging techniques, new materials, and minimally invasive procedures, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of orthodontic and implant treatments.

Are any new research findings or breakthroughs in dental science to be unveiled? How will this benefit attendees in daily practice?

New advances in innovative planning for orthodontic measures will be presented, pushing the limits for treating sequelae of stage IV periodontitis. Attendees will gain practical insights from exceptional clinicians.

Virginie Monnet-Corti, scientific chair of IPMC 2024
IPMC 2024 offers many networking opportunities

How will the meeting foster networking among dental professionals?

The conference offers many networking opportunities, facilitating idea exchange and professional relationship building among dental professionals globally.

How many countries do speakers and attendees represent?

Approximately 45 countries are represented by speakers and attendees, ensuring a diverse international audience for a rich exchange of ideas.

What sets this dental meeting apart from others?

The focus on the unique combination of periodontics and orthodontics, coupled with state-of-the-art technologies and recent research findings, distinguishes this meeting. Innovative presentation formats enhance the overall experience.

How is the meeting adapting to current challenges in the dental industry?

Adapting to current circumstances involves incorporating virtual elements for global accessibility, ensuring the event remains relevant.

How can participants make the most of this meeting?

Participants should attend all main auditorium sessions, engage in discussions, and use networking opportunities to maximise the wealth of knowledge and expertise available. Past attendees highlight valuable insights, networking opportunities, and practical knowledge shared by experts, making the event highly rewarding.

What are you excited about for this event?

Exciting aspects include duo keynote speakers and the opportunity to interact with renowned experts in the field, anticipating the latest advancements and trends in periodontal care.

Any fun/interesting "behind the scenes" info you can share?

Behind the scenes, the dedication of the organising team and special moments will contribute to making the meeting memorable and engaging for all participants. I can’t reveal everything. We have surprises in store! Join us in Singapore!

Get ready for IPMC 2024 

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