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27 October 2021

Registration opens for EFP’s second International Perio Master Clinic

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Booking is now open for the EFP’s International Perio Master Clinic 2022 which will take place in León in Mexico on February 25 and 26 next year.

The topic will be "hard- and soft-tissue aesthetic reconstructions around teeth and dental implants: current and future challenges".

This was also the focus of Perio Master Clinic 2020 in Dublin, Ireland, and some of the speakers at the earlier event will be presenting in Mexico where they will be joined by experts from Mexico, other Latin American countries, and the USA.

The idea of the International Perio Master Clinic is to share the clinical expertise presented at a European meeting with an audience in another part of the world. The first international master clinic took place in Hong Kong in 2019.

Perio Master Clinic 2022 will be chaired by Alejandro García, president of the Mexican Association of Periodontology, one of the EFP’s international associate members, which is helping to organise the event alongside the EFP and professional conference organiser Mondial Congress & Events.

As in Dublin, the scientific chair is Anton Sculean, former EFP president and professor of periodontology at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

The programme comprises nine sessions in which leading clinicians will share their expertise with a relatively small audience (places are kept limited to enhance the learning experience).

On Friday, February 25 the sessions cover:

  • Reconstructive concepts in intrabony defects.
  • Reconstructive concepts in furcation defects.
  • Soft-tissue defects around natural teeth.
  • Novel concepts: the outlook for the future.
  • An interactive case presentation on regenerative therapy versus extraction and implant replacement.

The sessions on Saturday, February 26 cover:

  • Socket grafting.
  • Ridge augmentation.
  • Soft-tissue grafting to maintain peri-implant health.
  • Complication management after reconstructive surgery at natural teeth and dental implants.

“The aim of this second edition of International Perio Master Clinic is to create a global perio conference specifically designed for clinicians, taking place in León and it will be extremely relevant to every practitioner eager to update their skills in hard- and soft-tissue aesthetic reconstructions around teeth and implants,” explained Alejandro García.

He added that the programme would allow clinicians to improve their own techniques and approaches in the most challenging area of periodontal and implant therapy, the regeneration of soft and hard tissues.

International Perio Master Clinic 2022 will build on the success of the three European editions of Perio Master Clinic – Paris (2014), Malta (2017), and Dublin (2020) – and the previous International Perio Master Clinic in Hong Kong (2019).

Further information about International Perio Master Clinic 2022, the scientific programme, and details of registration can be found on the Perio Master Clinic section of the EFP website.

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