Current and future challenges


Friday, March 6, 2020

08:30 Introduction by the chairs of the congress (D. Corcoran, A. Sculean)
08:45 Reconstructive concepts in intrabony defects (Moderator: F. Graziani)
L. Trombelli: Influence of the flap design
G. Rasperini: Influence of the biomaterial
10:00 Reconstructive concepts in furcation defects (Moderator: S. Jepsen)
P. Cortellini: Influence of the flap design
P. Rosen: Influence of the biomaterial
11:15 Coffee Break
11:45 Soft tissue defects around natural teeth (Moderator: M. Goldstein)
G. Zucchelli: Coverage of single and multiple recessions in the maxillary area
A. Sculean: Coverage of single and multiple recessions in the mandibular area
K. Jepsen: Autogenous tissue versus soft tissue replacement grafts?
13:30 Lunch break
14:45 Novel concepts: Outlook for the future (Moderator: A. Kantarci)
D. Bozic: Combined periodontal and bone regeneration
P. Windisch: Combined periodontal regeneration and vertical augmentation
L. Shapira: Bone regeneration in the digital era
16:20 Coffee Break
16:50 Interactive case presentation (reconstructive surgery vs. extraction and implant placement),(Moderator: G. Salvi)
D. Nisand: Case Presentation
Discussion: (Panelists: T. Chackartchi, A. Stavropoulos, P. Madianos)
18:00 Welcome Reception with an Irish theme

Saturday, March 7, 2020

08:30 Socket grafting (Moderator: P. Harrison)
N. Mardas: Hard tissue grafting
R. Jung: Soft tissue grafting
09:45 Ridge augmentation (Moderator: N. Donos)
R. Allen: Tissue augmentation and aesthetic implant placement
M. Schlee: Concepts for lateral augmentation
I. Urban: Concepts for vertical augmentation
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Soft tissue grafting to maintain peri-implant health (Moderator: M. Sanz)
M. Roccuzzo: (before implant placement)
S. Aroca: (during implant placement)
G. Romanos: (after implant placement)
13:45 Lunch Break
15:00 Complication management after reconstructive surgery at natural teeth and dental implants (Moderators: T. O‘Brien, I. Polyzois)
K. Murphy: Complication management after reconstructive periodontal surgery
F. Lambert: Complication management after plastic aesthetic periodontal surgery
D. Buser: Management of implant complications in the aesthetic areas
M. Hürzeler: Management of soft tissue complications at implants
17:05 Closing remarks
A. Sculean, D. Corcoran


Allen, Ronan - Ireland
Aroca, Sofia - France
Bozic, Darko - Croatia
Buser, Daniel - Switzerland
Chackartchi, Tali - Israel
Corcoran, Declan - Ireland
Cortellini, Pierpaolo - Italy
Donos, Nikos - United Kingdom
Goldstein, Moshe - Israel
Graziani, Filippo - Italy
Harrison, Peter - Ireland
Hürzeler, Markus - Germany
Jepsen, Karin - Germany

Jepsen, Søren - Germany
Jung, Ronald - Switzerland
Kantarci, Alpdogan - United States
Lambert, France - Belgium
Madianos, Phoebus - Greece
Mardas, Nikos - United Kingdom
Murphy, Kevin - United States
Nisand, David - France
O'Brien, Tiernan - Ireland
Polyzois, Ioannis - Ireland
Rasperini, Giulio - Italy
Roccuzzo, Mario - Italy
Romanos, Georgios - United States

Rosen, Paul S - United States
Salvi, Giovanni - Switzerland
Sanz, Mariano - Spain
Schlee, Markus - Switzerland
Sculean, Anton - Switzerland
Shapira, Lior - Israel
Stavropoulos, Andreas - Sweden
Trombelli, Leonardo - Italy
Urban, Istvan - Hungary
Windisch, Peter - Hungary
Zucchelli, Giovanni - Italy

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