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01 Dec 2022

2022: The digital odyssey

Event location: Nancy, France

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SFPIO Lorraine
Maison Dentaire - 25-29 rue de Saurupt
54000 NANCY
Tél: +33(0)3 83 56 00 33
Site Internet : http://www.sfpio-lorraine.org/

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2022 : The digital odyssey
By Dr Josselin LETHUILLIER and Dr Sébastien FELENC

From 9am to 5pm
Place : Hotel Mercure Nancy Gare

Digital technology is invading our professional space. Future or actuality, efficiency or complication, improvement or communication, should we follow the trend? How to start, what is the necessary equipment for each type of exercise? These are the questions that all practitioners ask themselves in the face of this revolution.

Josselin Lethuillier and Sébastien Felenc have developed a specific competence and have been practicing the digital tool for several years. This conference is intended for all practitioners who want to know what their position is in this innovative movement. The end of plaster and impression materials: for whom, how and why?

08:30 Welcome
09h00 Start of the conference

Data collection, optical impressions, stl files, dicom, photo aesthetic assessment, videos, x-rays, sharting and integration of these data in our digital flow: the point on the "Complete Digital Assessment".

Aesthetic analysis with DSD (Digital Smile Design®) 2D and 3D analysis. Realization of the mock up and validation of the project. First passage from virtual to real.
Understanding of the different types of files to be able to correlate the different types of data and in particular to develop guided surgery cases.


Analysis of the time factor in the mandibular kinematics thanks to the Modjaw tech in motion.
Validation of the global project taking into account the patient's function.
Integration of this analysis in our treatment plan. Second passage from the virtual to the real with the obtaining of an ideal therapeutic model.
All these data are of course validated by the presentation of numerous clinical cases. The protocols presented are proven and are transmitted to the participants of the session.

16:30 End of the conference

More information at: https://www.sfpio.com/la-sfpio-dans-votre-region/sfpio-lorraine/498-2020-odyssee-numerique-lorraine-26032020.html

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