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03 Feb 2021 - 05 Feb 2021

The 30th annual meeting of the ISOP: Optimizing Case Selection: Teeth Vs. Implants

nnovative technology, together with advanced science, have made Dental Implants a part of our everyday life, being both safe and predictable.

On the very basis of Peridontology, stand strict principles that ensure the saving of teeth, even in cases of severe ongoing disease, including the destruction of surrounding hard and/or soft tissues.

Our growing clinical abilities in Implantology, together with years of experience using Implants on a daily basis, allow true and candid criticism for acceptable perceptions and methods of treatment modalities around teeth and implants.

This year, for the first time, in a virtual but spectacular congress, we will host some of the most important and renown International and Israeli specialists for honest and precise brainstorming sessions - what is known, what is myth, and how is it possible to push the limits to success!

Teeth vs Implants - head to head!

For the first time in the Israel we will be hosting the first dental conference virtually, not only will the conference have lectures from world renown speakers but there will also be a large dental exhibition with some of the top companies presenting innovations and promotions.

It will be possible to meet the exhibitors in the exhibition hall and enjoy a new and interesting experience.

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