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Gum Health Day 2024

29 Apr 2024

Gum Health Day, celebrated annually on May 12th, is more than just a day; it's a campaign dedicated to educating the public about the critical importance of gum health.

Bruno de Carvalho talks with Mia Rakic, Gum Health Day 2024...

AI in dentistry

21 Mar 2024

Tali Chackartchi and Tommie Van de Velde discuss artificial intelligence and its vast potential in dentistry - as well as short- and long-term consequences for clinicians and patients.

Biomaterials in perio

22 Feb 2024

Host Bruno de Carvalho speaks to Professor France Lambert (University of Liège) and Professor Reinhard Gruber (Medical University of Vienna) to bring you the latest updates and challenges in the field.

What you need for a successful clinic- dental marketing & entrepreneurship

25 Jan 2024

What do you need for your dental practice to succeed? Listen to the marketing expert Carlo Gallucci and the periodontist Gustavo Giordani discuss how to take full advantage of dental marketing and entrepreneurship.

Pathways to succeed in perio: EFP-accredited programmes and alumni

05 Dec 2023

The latest episode of Perio Talks is dedicated to EFP-accredited programmes and the experience of being an EFP alumni. Joining the podcast host, Bruno de Carvalho, Professor Nikos Donos, chair of the EFP Education Committee and...

Men's perio health: from gum to groin

01 Dec 2023

This episode brings together two experts: Associate Professor Ali Çekici from the Periodontology Department of Istanbul University in Turkey and member of the EFP Scientific Affairs Committee, and Per-Anders Abrahamsson, Professor...

The X factor- what is unique about women's oral health

06 Oct 2023

Hosted by Bruno de Carvalho, EFP Perio Talks brings together two experts: Associate Professor Ali Çekici (Turkey) and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Renee Behrens (UK). Together, they unveil the complex influence of...

Up the creek with a paddle- meet Istvan Urban

24 Jul 2023

In the latest episode of EFP Perio Talks podcast, Doctor Istvan Urban unveils the secrets of his success in the field of bone regeneration as well as how he keeps balance in his busy life.

The importance of research in dentistry

07 Jul 2023

EFP past president Andreas Stavropoulos and EuroPerio11 treasurer Elena Figuero discuss the importance of research in dentistry and periodontology. 

Why periodontists and family physicians should have a closer collaboration

26 May 2023

Closer collaboration between oral health professionals and family physicians is necessary for the prevention, early detection and proper management of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), and vital to promote healthy lifestyles....