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23 April 2024

A global EFP: first-hand insights from EFP leadership 2023-2024

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EFP general assembly 2024

In a series of engaging interviews, the past EFP president Darko Bozić, Monique Danser EFP treasurer, and Nicola West EFP secretary general, share their perspectives on the past year’s achievements and the strategic directions shaping the future of the federation.

These discussions offer a personal look into the significant educational and scientific advancements, and the robust financial health under the past president and the EFP executive committee.

Darko Bozić reflects on his term as EFP president

Reflecting on my term as president, I feel immense pride in numerous significant achievements. Financially, securing two major partners was pivotal for the sustainability of the European Federation of Periodontology. These partnerships not only fortified our resources but also enhanced our ability to spearhead initiatives across Europe and beyond.

One of the highlights of my presidency was the expansion of our global reach through the International Perio Master Clinics. We hosted highly successful clinics in Antwerp, Mexico and Singapore. Each event was unique and successful, facilitating an international exchange of knowledge and practices within the field of periodontology. How the EFP is demanded outside of Europe was best reflected by the events held in Mexico and Singapore. In Mexico we were literally welcomed as movie stars! Participants took photos with us, commenting that the lectures were amazing. The event in Singapore was particularly impactful; it fostered excellent camaraderie and allowed us to connect deeply with our Asian colleagues, which was reflected in the exceptional atmosphere and the collaborative spirit of the clinic.

IPMC Singapore 2024
International Perio Master Clinic 2024

Strategically, these events were instrumental in positioning the EFP as a global leader in periodontology. They opened doors to numerous international collaborations and discussions, including a promising dialogue with the American Academy of Periodontology on future exchange of speakers during our meetings. Furthermore, the ongoing preparations for EuroPerio11 in Vienna highlight our operational excellence, underscored by securing new diamond sponsors for the event. We expect this event to be the biggest EuroPerio ever.

However, my tenure was not without challenges. The primary hurdle was maintaining cohesion within the EFP and managing the diverse expectations of our member societies. Balancing these internal dynamics required a constant effort and was critical in ensuring that the federation moved forward unitedly. We strove to foster a culture of respect and acceptance, which has been beneficial. Another significant challenge was enhancing our engagement with member societies, whose input is crucial for our strategic alignment. We should continue efforts to foster collaboration, receive their feedback, and improve communication channels. Perhaps we need more compelling engagement strategies.

IPMC 2023
International Perio Master Clinic 2023

Looking ahead, I envision the EFP not just maintaining but solidifying its stance as the definitive global authority in periodontology. This vision includes more proactive international collaborations and engagement, where hosting our master clinics in new locations will play a critical role. Moreover, the introduction of EFP sessions at international members’ meetings, like the upcoming one in Brazil, will hopefully become a staple, providing ongoing platforms for knowledge exchange and mutual growth.

Scientifically, we believe that the EFP has already established itself as a leader in periodontal research. To build on this, we aim to facilitate more collaborative research efforts, especially involving smaller centres and societies that might otherwise struggle with visibility and resources. Establishing clear standards and helping our members to conduct international clinical trials and research could dramatically enhance productivity and impact.

Personally, the past year has been a whirlwind. The support from the Core Team was invaluable—they made my presidency manageable and fulfilling. The open and respectful discussions during our meetings were particularly refreshing. However, the swift passage of time and the vast scope of responsibilities were challenging. It’s clear that effective time management and strategic planning are indispensable for anyone stepping into this role, a year might seem a long period but believe me, it swiftly passes!

My term as EFP president was an enriching experience that brought with it significant achievements and valuable lessons. The future for the EFP is bright, with solid plans for expansion and deeper international integration. As we continue to grow, maintaining a balance between new initiatives and member satisfaction will be essential.

I look forward to seeing how new leadership will build upon these foundations to take the EFP to even greater heights and I wish Moritz the best of luck!

EFP treasurer, past president and secretary general
Monique Danser, Darko Bozić and Nicola West

EFP treasurer, Monique Danser, highlights the EFP’s sustainable financial strategy

Looking back at the past year, the first thing I am happy about is that the European Federation of Periodontology's financial health is robust! I am particularly proud of our new partnerships with Kenvue and Dentsply, which stand out as significant achievements. These collaborations have not only brought in fresh financial resources but have also allowed us to support projects that were not originally in our budget, such as the EFP Workshop in November which successfully found a sponsor. This flexibility in financial planning is a testament to our effective budget management, further strengthened by Haleon's backing of our major white paper initiative in collaboration with the Economist Impact.

I am thrilled to report the European and International Perio Mater Clinics as huge successes, achieved through prudent financial strategies that maximised the impact of each event. However, I must acknowledge the challenges we faced, such as the reduced surplus from EuroPerio10 and the necessity for early and cost-effective booking strategies to mitigate last-minute expenses.

Looking ahead, we aim to stabilise our financial footing by maintaining consistent funding levels over three-year cycles, despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19 related postponements.

For the upcoming year, our primary financial goal is the success of EP11 in 2025, expected to be a major revenue generator similar to past events. I emphasise the importance of strategic financial planning to sustain the EFP’s growth, including accommodating additional staff to support our expanding operations. We will focus on maintaining a diverse and stable partner base.

Furthermore, we continue to strategically manage our resources, particularly by securing sponsorships for expensive projects like the upcoming November EFP Workshop and the student symposium, which will receive increased funding focus. In terms of potential risks, organising large-scale congresses remains a challenge, especially under uncertain conditions. We are committed to adopting hybrid event solutions to mitigate risks associated with in-person gatherings.

Overall, I project a cautious yet optimistic financial strategy for the EFP, aimed at consolidating gains, expanding our international reach, and ensuring that our activities are both sustainable and impactful. We remain prepared and committed to using our financial reserves judiciously, ensuring long-term stability and the ability to adapt to unforeseen projects and other financial needs.

Nicola West, EFP secretary general, excited about the upcoming strategy review

Over the past year, the EFP has celebrated several milestones that have significantly boosted our global stature and scientific influence. As secretary general, I've seen first-hand how events such as the International Perio Master Clinics (IPMC) have not only solidified but also broadened our educational outreach worldwide. The clinics offered extensive training in advanced periodontology techniques by international experts to a diverse international crowd and fostered professional connections across the globe.

We've also rolled out new accredited programmes and continued to celebrate outstanding achievements in periodontology through EFP awards and prizes These initiatives are critical in establishing high standards of excellence within our community.

Our efforts in publications and public engagement have been vigorous. A prime example was our collaboration with the Economist Impact to release a white paper on caries and periodontology, raising both public and professional awareness about these essential issues. The Journal of Clinical Periodontology is also marking its 50th anniversary with landmark publications, highlighting its crucial role in advancing our field.

Presentation of Economist Impact white paper
Presentation of Economist Impact white paper

Gum Health Day in May 2023 was a great success, significantly boosting public awareness and engagement, while the publication of 'Perio Insight' has provided valuable perspectives on contemporary research and clinical practices, affirming our position as thought leaders in periodontology.

Reflecting on this past year, the broad expansion of our educational and scientific platforms stands out as our greatest achievement, enhancing our influence and global reach.

Looking forward, we're excited to introduce new ambitious initiatives that will further our mission and expand our global impact. The upcoming EuroPerio11 in 2025 in Vienna, the Master Clinic in Baku (2026) and the International Master Clinic in Brazil (2027) promise to continue our tradition of quality educational content tailored for an international audience. We're also celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology with more special issues and events, which will further underscore its contributions to periodontology.

A major strategic development I’m looking forward to this year is our new five-year plan aimed at global expansion and integration. The new strategy will focus on expanding collaborations, boosting our communication efforts, and shaping policy to reinforce our position as a leading global authority in periodontology. We'll particularly aim to incorporate more comprehensive global perspectives and extend our reach to underserved areas, in line with our commitment to improving global health in the field of periodontology.

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