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17 April 2024

Highlights of the EFP General Assembly 2024 in Croatia

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EFP general assembly 2024 in Croatia

The new EFP executive committee was confirmed during the general assembly that took place in Zagreb, Croatia on 13 April 2024. Please join us in congratulating them and offering our full support in carrying out their responsibilities.

The EFP president for 2024-2025 is Professor Moritz Kebschull, from the University of Birmingham. The newly elected officer is Tali Chackartchi, past president of the Israeli Society of Periodontology.

Members of the new core executive committee are:

  • President: Moritz Kebschull (UK)
  • President elect: Spyros Vassilopoulos (Greece)
  • Past president: Darko Božić (Croatia)
  • Secretary general: Nicola West (UK)
  • Treasurer: Monique Danser (Netherlands)
  • Elected officer:  Mia Rakić (Serbia)
  • New elected officer: Tali Chackartchi (Israel)

See full committees here.

The EFP is also happy to announce and welcome five new member societies into the federation: Colombia, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia.  We look forward to a fruitful collaboration.

EFP awards 2024
EFP awardees 2024: Anton Sculean, Nikolaos Donos, Moshe Goldstein and Mark Bartold

During the assembly, EFP awards were announced. The EFP is proud to recognise the exceptional achievements and commitment of four distinguished members:

  • EFP Eminence in Periodontology Award: Anton Sculean (Switzerland)
  • EFP Distinguished Scientist Award: Nikolaos Donos (UK)
  • EFP Distinguished Service Award: Moshe Goldstein (Israel)
  • EFP International Eminence in Periodontology Award: Mark Bartold (Australia)

Are you wondering where the EFP International Perio Master Clinic 2027 will take place? The answer is ... get ready to fly to Brazil!

The team who will coordinate EuroPerio12 in Munich, Germany in 2028 was elected during the general assembly. Andreas Stavropoulos (Sweden), Virginie Monnet-Corti (France) and Mervi Gürsoy (Finland) will bring their expertise to orchestrate a comprehensive and engaging programme.

The new appointments, members and awards reflect the vitality, strength, and commitment of the EFP to the development of periodontology and to enhanced collaboration with all members, sponsors and other stakeholders.

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