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23 March 2020

EFP and its national societies declare: ‘Let’s stop this virus!’

Categories:Communication, Institutional, Covid-19

Stay at home and help save lives! This the clear message about the coronavirus in a video released by the EFP.

Eleven speakers in 11 different languages give the advice: “Stay at home, wash your hands – let’s stop this virus.”

The video has been published on the EFP’s YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/jHybBnMmwsQ) on Facebook, Instagram (LINK), Twitter, and LinkedIn, with the hashtag #letsstopthisvirus.

The video features messages from:

  • Nicola West (UK), EFP secretary general.
  • Filippo Graziani (Italy), EFP president.
  • Monique Danser (Netherlands), EFP treasurer.
  • Xavier Struillou (France), EFP president-elect.
  • Lior Shapira (Israel), elected member of EFP executive committee.
  • Andreas Stavropoulos (Denmark), elected member of EFP executive committee.
  • Phoebus Madianos (Greece), chair of EuroPerio10 organising committee.
  • David Herrera (Spain), chair of EFP workshop committee and scientific chair of EuroPerio10.
  • Darko Božić (Croatia), member of EFP communications committee and EFP webmaster.
  • Henrik Dommisch (Germany), junior officer of European Project Committee.
  • Bruno de Carvalho (Portugal), board member of EFP Alumni.