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14 May 2024

EFP Digital Innovation Award 2024: deadline approaching fast!

Categories: Clinical Practice, Institutional

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Submit your original solutions for the EFP Digital Innovation Award 2024 by 10 June 2024. Open to all EFP national society members and granted annually by the EFP in collaboration with Haleon, the award recognises digital innovations that will contribute to gum health worldwide.

Don’t miss the live session on 23 May 2024 at 18:30 CEST to find answers to your questions and guidance for your applications. Bruno de Carvalho (EFP Perio Talks host) and Andreas Stavropoulos (chair of the scientific affairs committee) will discuss with Christoph Ramseier, Claire Biggot, Lodewijk Gründemann and Melle Vroom (past winners of the award) the impact this recognition had on their projects.

You can follow the live session on EFP YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

The EFP Digital Innovation Award recognises projects that advance gum health across three categories:

  1. Innovation for the public: develop digital technologies accessible to everyone, such as apps or devices, that enhance gum health and prevent gum inflammation. Your innovations should be user-friendly and support primary or secondary prevention.`
  2. Innovation for the dentist: create technologies that make diagnosing and improving gum health easier for dental professionals.
  3. Innovation for periodontal researchers: pioneer novel digital methods that enhance the quality of research in gum health.

We're offering three prestigious awards, each accompanied by a certificate:

  • First prize: €10,000
  • Second prize: €6,000
  • Third prize: €4,000

Results will be unveiled at the EFP Students Symposium in September 2024.

A panel of five adjudicators will evaluate submissions based on four key criteria:

  • Addressing a specific need: how does your innovation address a pressing issue in gum health?
  • Market potential: what is the potential impact and scalability of your innovation?
  • Presentation: how effectively is your idea communicated?
  • Business plan: provide a clear roadmap from conception to market, including production costs, market strategy, and pricing.

Whether you're a student, researcher, or dental professional, don't miss out on this opportunity to shape the future of periodontal healthcare.

Submit your applications via email in PDF format to Monica Guinea, the EFP European Coordinator, at monica@efp.org.

Find more info here

Watch past winners:  

Lodewijk Gründemann and Melle Vroom

Svetislav Zaric

Mario Aimetti and Giacomo Baima

Claire Bigot

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