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7 May 2024

Introducing Tali Chackartchi the new EFP officer

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New EFP Officer

Doctor Tali Chackartchi, was recently elected as a new member of the EFP executive committee. This is a milestone on the way to becoming the EFP president in 2027-2028. In this profile, she introduces herself to EFP members.

Congratulations Tali! Could you tell us a bit about your professional background?

After completing my dentistry studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, I pursued specialised training in periodontology at the same institute, within the department located at the Hadassah Medical Centre campus. I have been an EFP-accredited periodontist since then. Following my training, I have remained on the faculty of the periodontology department, where I continue to teach and conduct research. Alongside my academic role, I also run a private practice in Tel Aviv, focusing on periodontal treatment and implant therapy. My research interests include several topics in periodontology and implant surgery, mainly the perio-ortho interface and digital tools in implant surgery.

How has the EFP contributed to your professional development?

The European Federation of Periodontology has played a pivotal role in shaping my professional journey. Educational initiatives like the EuroPerio congress and the Postgraduate Symposium have provided invaluable platforms for me to enhance my knowledge and skills. Collaborative projects such as the Postgraduate Symposium, Perio Workshop and the Gum Health Day campaign have allowed me to engage with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, enriching my perspective on the world of periodontology.

What motivated you to become an active member and accept this new role of EFP officer?

Since my first attendance at a general assembly in 2016 and later, representing my country as President of the Israeli Society of Periodontology, I have been driven by a desire to give back to the periodontal community and contribute to the field's advancement. I hope to make a global impact by promoting education in periodontology among both dentists and patients, raising awareness and improving skills. The EFP's commitment to excellence and innovation aligns with my own values, making this nomination a meaningful opportunity for me to effect change in the field.

What are the EFP's strong points?

The EFP excels in uniting periodontal professionals from across Europe and beyond, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. Its emphasis on evidence-based practice and promotion of high standards in periodontal care, as especially expressed in the publication of guidelines, have contributed to its reputation as a leader in the field.

What would you like to contribute to the EFP? What areas do you think need a new focus?

As a member of the EFP Executive Committee, I aim to support the federation's mission by promoting its educational initiatives, advancing research in periodontology, and advocating for the highest standards of care. I also seek to strengthen the EFP's partnerships with other dental and medical organisations and institutions, ensuring that the federation remains at the forefront of periodontal innovation and education. Additionally, I aim to enhance collaborations between societies and individual members, fostering personal relationships and a sense of belonging for the future prosperity of the federation.

How to become an EFP officer

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