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14 January 2022

EFP invites case presentations for Perio Master Clinic 2023

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EFP invites case presentations for Perio Master Clinic 2023

The organising committee of EFP Perio Master Clinic 2023 on "Perio-ortho synergy" is inviting pitches of cases for consideration for 15-minute presentations at the event, which takes place in Antwerp, Belgium, in March next year.

Videos of a maximum of three minutes with a brief presentation of the case in English should be submitted by March 1 to the EFP European co-ordinator (monica@efp.org) and marked for the attention of the Perio Master Clinic 2023 committee.

Case pitches are invited on six topics related to the intersection between periodontology and orthodontics:

  1. Orthodontic treatment in periodontally compromised patients.
  2. Periodontal regeneration and orthodontics.
  3. Muco-gingival surgery in orthodontically treated patients (impacted tooth periodontal management).
  4. Implantology in orthodontics, dealing with agenesis.
  5. Orthodontic digital planning.
  6. Accelerated orthodontics (use of mini-screws, plates, implants, piezocision, corticotomies).

Six cases – one per topic – will be selected by the Perio Master Clinic 2023 scientific committee based on the quality of the case and the video presentation. Successful applications will be informed of their selection in April.

Organised by the EFP with the Belgian Society of Periodontology, Perio Master Clinic 2023 will be the fourth European edition of the clinician-focused event, following Paris (2014), Malta (2017), and Dublin (2020).

The Antwerp event will take place on March 3 and 4, 2023 and will be chaired by Peter Garmyn with Virginie Monnet-Corti as scientific chair.


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