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25 January 2024

EFP member society highlights

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Dutch Society of Periodontology’s (NVvP) Autumn Conference

“We're always excited to spotlight the dynamic activities of our member societies,” says EFP president Darko Bozić. “Your dedication and achievements are a source of inspiration throughout the year. We encourage other member societies to share their own stories and successes with us. Let's celebrate the vibrant community we build together!”

Here are some recent events hosted by EFP member societies.


Autumn Conference of the Dutch Society of Periodontology

The Dutch Society of Periodontology’s (NVvP) Autumn Conference, held on 24 November 2023 in Hilversum, was marked by numerous highlights.

The Annual General Meeting kickstarted the day, during which Nicky Beukers stepped down from the board after six years, and Tim Thomassen joined as a new board member.

Steven Lim opened the conference, followed by a series of presentations, including a notable one by Bruno Loos on periodontitis and its new risk factors. The afternoon session, moderated effectively by Tine Vangsted, delved into the latest scientific developments in periodontal surgery, culminating in a lecture on antiseptic and antimicrobial therapy in surgical periodontics. Vangsted was appointed as an honorary member of the NVvP. Participants also celebrated other appointments and the contributions of several members of merit and honorary members.

The conference concluded with award ceremonies, where René Huffels, Julio Villaba Recuerda, and the duo of Kelly Chun & Ni-ni Sluijk received recognition for their contributions to the field of periodontology.

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Belgium: Wonder Women in Perio

The "Wonder Women in Perio" meeting, hosted by the Belgian Society of Periodontology on December 2, 2023, in Brussels, focused on modern approaches in periodontology and implant dentistry. The programme featured presentations by esteemed speakers in the field. Elena Calciolari discussed new perspectives in guided tissue regeneration. Laurence Adriaens explored the treatment of periodontal patients through a multidisciplinary approach. Mia Rakić addressed the current state of peri-implantitis. Lastly, Vivianne Chapuis shared strategies for success in horizontal contour augmentation. This event highlighted cutting-edge research and techniques in periodontal care and implant dentistry.


Greece: International Periodontology Symposium concludes successfully in Athens

The 14th Symposium of Periodontology hosted by the Hellenic Society, titled "Predictable Tissue Management Around Teeth and Implants: A Critical Reassessment," concluded with great success in Athens. Held in November 2023 at the prestigious Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, the event attracted around 250 participants filling the venue to capacity.

This year's event featured a roster of distinguished speakers from across the globe, including Constantinos Sioutas and Georgios Kotsakis from the USA, Anton Sculean, Darko Božić, Lewis Winning, Ioannis Polyzois, and Andreas Stavropoulos from Europe, and Tali Chackartchi from Israel. These experts in the field of periodontology shared their invaluable insights and latest research findings.

The attendees, comprising a diverse mix of professionals from the field, expressed their satisfaction with the range of top-notch presentations. They particularly appreciated the warm hospitality and the ample opportunities for both social and scientific networking.

The symposium successfully achieved its primary goal of facilitating the dissemination of up-to-date scientific knowledge and clinical good practices in periodontology. It served as a platform for experts to exchange ideas and collaborate, thereby contributing to the advancement of the field. The event has set a high standard for future symposia and is expected to have a lasting impact on the practice of periodontology in Greece.

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