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18 December 2023

EFP podcast: exploring the world of EFP Accredited Programmes

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EFP Perio Talks

The latest episode of Perio Talks is dedicated to EFP Accredited Programmes and the experience of being an EFP alumni. Joining the podcast host, Bruno de Carvalho, Professor Nikos Donos, chair of the EFP Education Committee and Doctor Ed Madeley, chair of the EFP Alumni Committee explain how the programmes contribute to unlock excellence.

EFP Accreditation Programmes: didactical, clinical, and research components

Donos sheds light on the EFP Accreditation Programmes, that originated over 30 years ago with a vision to harmonise postgraduate education in periodontology across Europe. There are currently 23 accredited dental schools. “The programme’s didactical, clinical, and research components aim to ensure a well-rounded education,” he explains. “There’s a strong emphasis on the clinical component, accounting for a significant portion of the three-year residency.”

Steps to start an EFP Accredited Programme

Donos explains the criteria for starting an EFP Accredited Programme, emphasising the need for a qualified programme director with an international reputation. The application process involves an exhaustive survey, evaluation by the EFP Education Committee, and a site visit. While the accreditation process can take up to a year, efforts are made to ensure a timely response. Much depends on how well the application has been structured and on the adherence to EFP quality standards.

Advantages of studying in an EFP Accredited Programme

Donos expounds the advantages of studying in an EFP accredited school, focusing on the harmonised curriculum, quality assurance, and the external examination process, providing additional credibility. Madeley shares his perspective, highlighting the healthy competition and networking opportunities within the EFP alumni community.

EFP exams and alumni benefits

The discussion also touches on the intensity of EFP exams, combining case discussions, theoretical knowledge, and research assessment. Madeley reflects on his experience, highlighting the supportive environment during exams. As EFP Alumni coordinator, he focuses on building a global network, recognising alumni achievements through publications like Perio Life, and creating opportunities for alumni at events such as the upcoming EuroPerio 11 in Vienna in 2025, where alumni will be able to showcase their clinical and academic work on stage.

Why apply to an EFP Accredited Programme?

In closing the podcast, Donos and Madeley highlight the unparalleled quality of education, international networking opportunities, and the assurance of receiving the best training available provided by EFP Accredited Programmes.

"If you are looking for excellence in periodontology training and want the best education in Europe, EFP Accredited Programmes offer quality assurance and the acquisition of essential skills. This in turn guarantees the delivery of optimal treatment for patients. Moreover, it extends beyond the teachings of one's own school; it encompasses exposure to the teachings of other schools of excellence. It's a path where not only knowledge but also invaluable relationships are forged, setting EFP accredited programmes apart from the rest," concluded Madeley.

EFP Accredited Programmes provide a unique platform to grow, learn, and contribute to the field of periodontology.

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